Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Gordon Campbell went to Bilderberg and all he got was a class photo!

Here's a photo op that perhaps the Premier wishes didn't get out, at least until after his HST woes are taken care of.

Gordon Campbell has popped up in a photo of a group of attendees to the annual Bilderberg meetings, a rather secretive group which the more conspiracy minded suggest truly run the world.

The gathering of the clan takes place every year by invitation and with the secrecy of the D Day invasion (and the security of a G20 summit), the invited guests arrive for a couple of days of policy discussions and socializing and if some are to be believed world domination.

Like Fred and Barney at the Loyal Order of the Buffalo, what happens at Bilderberg apparently stays at Bilderberg, there are no communiques at the end, no press conferences and no talking point memos offered up from their days of discussion, just the occasional photo from a telephoto lens that highlights the comings and goings of the rich, powerful and the happy to be there.

Only a press release issued on June 3rd offers up a hint of what these off the record discussions hoped to provide, which apparently was to foster a better understanding of complex international issues and not as some fear divide the world up into corporate squares.

The Tyee took a the Bilderberg guest list and picked out a few of Mr. Campbell's travelling companions for the road trip, including such Canadian luminaries as Peter Mansbridge of the CBC (guess a documentary is out of the question) and Heather Reisman, head of the Indigo  books chain among her other duties. (Don't bother looking for the Bilderberg primer in an Indigo discount bin near you)

The Tyee followed up the list with some background on the Premiers adventures with the elites of the world.

As the gathered participants scrambled for the departing jets there was no policy statement issued as to their achievements at this years sunny Spanish getaway, though perhaps the Premier picked up a few pointers on how to implement some form of unpopular collective tax regimen.

Lord knows he could have used a few pointers on how to handle that kind of a policy initiative.

We'd look forward to his report (perhaps it could be in the form of a book for Ms. Resiman) on the things that he learned while sharing time with the world's rich and the powerful, but then again that whole off the record secrecy thing probably rules that out.

Instead we'll just sit back and watch the slide show, snapshots of some of his new friends from those getaway days in the Sun.

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Anonymous said...

I read somewhere, the New World Order, has been discussed for decades. We notice more and more, the lawlessness of our politicians. The Canadian Constitution, is buried beneath so much dust, it can't be found. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been decimated. Democracy and Freedom, are null and void. Canada used to hold those rights as a beacon, to the rest of the world. Governing officials no longer value those rights, they have ceased to exist. Anything our politicians do get held to, well, they just call parliament in, and change the law. Campbell, Hansen, and the BC Liberal Party, have financially destroyed BC. They are now going to exploit the rest of our resources, and what is left of BC,will be polluted. Flooding the Peace Country, dirty oil tankers, dumping toxic mine waste, into lakes and poisoned air, that citizens are already breathing, filthy hospitals. I'm glad I'm old, and won't live to see, how my grandchildren, will live in the mess that will be. Beautiful BC