Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's the economy (Wednesday, June 16, 2010)

Russia takes a shine to the loonie, BP suspends its dividends and Mutiny of the Euro, some of the financial findings for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- BP halts dividend payments
Globe and Mail-- WestJet CEO: Brand lags Porter in East
Globe and Mail-- Home sales sputter in May
National Post-- BP to suspend dividend, sell US$10-billion in assets
National Post-- Carney: Interest-rate hikes in Canada not 'preordained'
National Post-- Russia adds Canadian dollar to reserves
New York Times-- BP to Suspend Dividend and Set Up Fund for Oil Spill Claims
New York Times-- Austerity Plans in France and Spain
New York Times-- At World Cup, Publicity Money Can't Buy
USA Today-- Gates, Buffett lobby billionaires to donate half their wealth
USA Today-- United Auto Workers elect new president, look to expand
Guardian UK online-- BP to pay out $20bn over oil spill after Obama meeting
Guardian UK online-- George Osborne unveils sweeping City reforms
Guardian UK online-- Spanish labour reforms fail to calm markets worried by bailout rumours
The Independent-- Cable's credibility may depend on a challenge to the Murdochs
The Independent-- Price controls on short-term loans are not needed, OFT concludes
Telegraph UK online-- Oil spill: David Cameron confronts Barack Obama in battle to protect BP
Telegraph UK online-- George Osborne reveals sweeping changes to banking system
Telegraph UK online-- The euro mutiny begins
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Rio reviewing all projects
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Australia plays bigger banker to IMF
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Economic growth expected to moderate in second half of 2010
People's Daily-- China's banking regulator warns on loans to local gov'ts, real estate sector
People's Daily-- Asia-Pacific drives global wealth growth
China Daily-- Multinationals 'should respect laws in China'
China Daily-- China may avoid US-style home crash
Times of India-- Jewellery exports up by 31.24%
Times of India-- 'Empower Indian cities to mobilize own resources'

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