Monday, June 07, 2010

It's the economy (Monday, June 7, 2010)

More temptation from the gardens of Apple,Oilsands production to outpace upgrading and the changing times in China could mean higher prices for the rest of the world, some of the items of interest for Monday.

Globe and Mail-- Housing market could have ‘wind knocked out of its sails’
Globe and Mail-- Apple unveils iPhone 4
Globe and Mail-- Europe is No. 1 G20 issue: Flaherty
National Post-- German watchdog blasts markets 'out for blood'
National Post-- Oil spill's economic impact will be 'substantial': Obama
National Post-- Oil sands output to overwhelm upgrading capacity
New York Times-- Hungary Tries to Assuage Investor Fears
New York Times-- Changes in China Could Raise Prices
New York Times-- Euro-Zone Finance Ministers Strike Deal to Create a Safety Net
USA Today-- Stocks close lower again as euro continues sinking
USA Today-- Financial crisis panel subpoenas Goldman Sachs for meltdown docs
Guardian UK online-- IMF: Brussels needs more power over euro nations' budgets
Guardian UK online-- Industrial firms report surge in demand
Guardian UK online-- BP's Deepwater Horizon costs hit $1.25bn
Times online UK-- Darling: Cameron is talking ‘nonsense’ on economic legacy
Times online UK-- Sterling gains on new euro fears
Telegraph UK online-- UK would have to double scale of cuts to match Canada's public sector bonfire
Telegraph UK online-- Cameron is wrong: the public finances are better than we thought
Telegraph UK online-- Euro debt worries weigh on the FTSE 100
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Employers confident as job ads rise 4 per cent in May
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Western Plains Resources signs supply agreements
Sydney Daily telegraph-- Australian share market slumps on Europe debt fears
People's Daily-- Chinese economists: EU debt crisis unlikely to cause 'double dip' recession
People's Daily-- China becomes the new Silicon Valley
China Daily-- West has designs on China's future
China Daily-- Chinese oil giant learns BP spill lesson
Times of India-- 'Go for debt plans in short-term'
Times of India-- Small is big: SMEs on overseas drive

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