Monday, June 14, 2010

It's the economy (Monday, June 14, 2010)

Greek drops to junk status, Honda finds labour turmoil in China and drinking coffee in England is going to get pricey, some of the items of note for Monday.

Globe and Mail-- Federal Court rules against U.S. Steel
Globe and Mail--Moody's cuts Greece ratings to junk
Globe and Mail--BP unveils new plan; shares tumble
National Post-- Ottawa, provinces to look at boosting pension benefits
National Post-- RBC eyes boutique bank in European expansion
National Post-- Big Oil to seek leniency from lawmakers
New York Times-- France Ready to Make Cuts Despite Pain
New York Times-- Downgrade of Greece Debt Slows U.S. Indexes
New York Times-- New Strike Threats at Honda Parts Plant in China
USA Today-- 6-week slide in gasoline prices may be coming to a halt
USA Today-- Stocks falter as trader anxiety over Greece resurfaces
Guardian UK online-- 'Gold-plated' state pensions face cuts
Guardian UK online-- Barack Obama to illustrate scale of oil disaster with first Oval Office address
Guardian UK online-- Coffee prices rise 20% in a week
Times online UK-- BP shares dive amid US senators’ £20bn escrow plan
Times online UK-- OBR slashes economic growth forecasts
Telegraph UK online-- Government's task in eliminating the deficit just got more challenging still
Telegraph UK online-- This budget is George Osborne's moment to be radical
Telegraph UK online-- Shares for the World Cup
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Low-ball warning from Kiwis
Melbourne Herald Sun-- New tax creates 'lots of issues'
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Super tax won't scare off China, mining owners Sinowest Midwest say
People's Daily-- Export growth unlikely to affect China's forex policy
People's Daily-- Manipulating the yuan debate dangerous game
China Daily-- Taiwan trade pact within reach
China Daily-- China orders local governments to ensure repayment
Times of India-- 'Inflation to determine RBI's move'
Times of India-- Marketers cash in on football frenzy

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