Thursday, June 03, 2010

It's the economy (Thursday, June 3, 2010)

The gold medal in financial disasters, China's workers are seeking change and an Australian pay day brings a little more to the bank, some of the items of interest for Thursday.

Globe and Mail-- Xstrata fires shot over Australian mining tax
Globe and Mail-- Did 2004 Olympics spark Greek crisis?
Globe and Mail-- Change finally afoot for China’s workers
National Post-- BP spill could reach Atlantic Coast within weeks
National Post-- ‘V-shaped’ recovery in U.S. stalling
National Post-- Downe steers BMO from laggard to top bank
Vancouver Sun-- Major construction projects in B.C. reach $191 billion, minister says
Vancouver Sun-- Fraser Valley real estate flattens out
New York Times-- Failure Highlights Woes Facing Spanish Banking
New York Times-- Admiral Says Oil Pipe Is Cut, a Key Step in Halting Leak
New York Times-- U.S. Retailers Report Lackluster Sales Gains
USA Today-- European crisis batters euro a decade after celebrated launch
USA Today-- Mercury brand arrives at the end of the road after 72 years
Guardian UK online-- UK economic recovery to lag France and Germany, S & P forecasts
Guardian UK online-- Vince Cable admits U-turn on public spending cuts
Guardian UK online-- BP hopes rise after giant shears cut Deepwater Horizon oil pipe
Times on line UK-- Strikes are costing BA £7 million per day
Times on line UK-- BP credit rating downgraded over oil disaster
Telegraph UK online-- Britain risks default unless Government cuts public sector pensions
Telegraph UK online-- BP and Prudential: As the cream of British business turns sour, time for a change at the top
Telegraph UK online-- Bank of England: 'Inflation not the way out of debt'
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Surplus surprise for trade
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Minimum wage lifted $26 a week from July 1
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- BP boss admits 'not prepared' for Deepwater Horizon oil spill
People's Daily-- Chinese economy facing downside risk
People's Daily-- US shocker for Chinese steel gratings
China Daily-- Greenhouse gases emission cut not optimistic
China Daily-- Trade-in subsidy program extended to 2011
Times of India-- India set to defend fuel subsidy at G20 meet
Times of India-- 'Looking to buy stake in Indian telco'

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