Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes, she May…

It was back down Wednesday for the testosterone Boys, Stephen and Jack.

With the public clearly suggesting that the refusal to let Elizabeth May sit at the big boys table during upcoming debates was just wrong, the two recalcitrant federal leaders finally got the message that they were backing themselves into a corner of which only bad things would happen.

So by early afternoon of Wednesday, there was a veritable stampede to the microphones as Stephen Harper and Jack Layton rushed to welcome Madame May to the debates.

Finding themselves on the wrong side of participatory democracy proved to be a humbling experience we suspect, in particular for Layton who is always questioning the ethical qualities of the Conservatives.

Yet here was a guy that was trying it seemed to keep what is clearly a well received leader from her spot in the electoral process, that despite her party is but a few percents below Layton’s in recent Ontario polling, with Layton having a bit more breathing room in BC.

Layton had originally objected to her participation because May had suggested that she preferred Stephane to be PM, as opposed to Stephen Harper, showing that she wasn't suffering any delusions of grandeur for herself or her party and was apparently more pragmatic than Layton, who still seems to suggest that he'll be the next Prime Minister of the nation.

Layton has been rather childish of late with his pre-occupation with the Green leader, stating that the issue of her participation was becoming a distraction, of course it was a distraction of his and Mr. Harper's own making.

Even more confusing about the original controversy is the fact that the already included Gilles Duceppe was invited to the debates, despite the fact that his party doesn’t run any candidates outside of the province of Quebec, while Ms. May’s party participates in all provinces of the federation. A strange bit of political theatre that just leaves you shaking your head as how some of our leaders can get their mitts on their hands on their own.

Finally realizing that they were out of touch with the electorate on this issue, Harper and Layton withdrew their opposition to the Green Party’s participation and we assume stopped stomping their feet and suggesting that they wouldn’t climb up that ladder if girls were allowed in their clubhouse.

So far the roll out of the election has been less than a mature little bit of business, from pooping puffins and secret societies ruminations, to the muzzling of a legitimate voice of a segment of the electoral Diaspora, it has not been one of the better days for politicians.

Hopefully, this reversal means that we can begin to now get down to exploring the issues and deciding who may be the best option to lead the nation in the years to come.

She may not get the bulk of the votes of the voters on Election Day, but Elizabeth May does deserve the opportunity to deliver her message.


By seeking to silence her in debate, those leaders of the established parties that sought to keep her out, have no one but themselves to blame for the bad press and internal troubles that they have harvested.

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