Monday, September 15, 2008

Podunkian Music Club September 14 2008

Village People-- YMCA

We couldn't let such an occasion as a star on the walk of fame go by, without paying tribute to those trendsetters of the Disco era, the Village People.

Over the weekend, the iconic group of the seventies and eighties received the 2,369th star on Hollywood's walk of fame, a town where outlandish dress and larger than life images are no stranger.

It was during the late seventies that the group brought the music out of New York City's gay nightclubs and into the mainstream, with a string of radio hits that helped to push the music into a whole new universe.

The eventual backlash would come as the disco era faded back into it's own corner of the music spectrum, but for a few brief years, the Village People and a rush of other overnight sensations would become household names as they rode the Disco wave.

The original members probably no longer fit into their various costumes and most would probably think the whole era was a tribute to camp, but there was a time, all be it briefly, when any Christmas Party dinner and dance wasn't complete until Macho Man, YMCA or In the Navy had blasted through the speakers under the mirror balls...

Recording-- Cruisin'
Artist-- Village People

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