Monday, September 08, 2008

Podunkian Music Club Sept 8 2008


We took the month of August off from musical selections, timed as it was with our absence from the blogging world.

However, with a new school year just underway, there is probably no better tune to return to the Music Club with than one of the British groups most memorable songs.

Supertramp, was a mid seventies immigrant to North American shores, seeking an audience for their orchestral like style of rock and roll, particularly of interest to the progressive rock movement of the day.

They were immensely popular in Eastern Canada, where shows in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes would frequently sell out and album sales would skyrocket with every release of a new Supertramp recording through the seventies.

They were best known for about four of their seventies and eighties albums, but Crime of the Century, released in 1974 and from which School is culled, is perhaps their signature album and the breakout recording that launched their careers on the western side of the Atlantic ocean.

Artist-- Supertramp
Recording-- Crime of the Century

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