Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The things they’ll do with money…

Election campaigns always bring out the spendthrifts in politicians, the key to your vote it seems sometimes passes through your wallet or purse.

The four parties running nationally, have offered up a lengthy laundry list of dreams and aspirations, with numbers to go along that boggle the mind.
From the gentle nudge of a two cent a litre reduction in diesel and aviation fuel over four years from the Conservatives, to the 70 Billion dollars planned in spending on infrastructure by the Liberals the two long time rivals have great plans for your tax dollars. Environmentally and socially aware parties also need to spend it seems, as the Greens have put out a wish list of programs with little in the way of financial accounting for them, while Jack Layton still seemingly quite confident that he’ll be our first ever NDP PM on October 14th, with billions on tap to be spent, should we be inclined to let him form a government.
From all corners there seems to be a plan it seems for every one of us, and all we have to do is make sure that the tax returns arrive on time with our cheques topped up to the required amounts.

To help you keep track of these head turning figures, we offer up each party’s breakdown thanks to the Toronto Star’s compilation of what they say and what they’ll spend. Take a scan of the list they’ve put together and try to add up the numbers in your head, you’ll quickly find the numbers jumble together as all of the parties work to get your vote all while using your money to get there…

The Canadian Press spending list, as of September 29th, 2008.

And remember there’s still two weeks to go until Election Day, by which time this list could seem like picking up a few things at the grocery store after work.

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