Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just past the halfway mark and running fast (Week Four)

Economic news will no doubt dominate the events of the election campaign this week, Monday's meltdown on Wall and Bay street, folowed by bouncebacks on Tuesday frame much of the debate as the campaign turns the halfway mark.

Globe and Mail

October 5-- Race tightens as election day nears
October 5-- Hot Air
October 5-- Dion says he'll be the ‘greenest PM ever'
October 5-- Vandals target Toronto Liberals
October 5-- Grim Afghan assessment backs NDP's position, says Layton
October 5-- NDP want to tighten sewage dumping laws
October 5-- Tories fear provincial shut-out
October 5-- The myth of the war room
October 4-- Tories promise $300-million for economic development
October 4-- Layton tours Liberal ridings in Maritimes, hoping to steal support
October 4-- Dion cautions against NDP's ‘old socialist approach'
October 4-- Tory majority bad for the economy, Bloc Leader warns
October 4-- Canadian artists band together against Harper
October 4-- Harper survived, Layton impressed
October 4-- Sports secretary says she's lobbying for ski jumpers
October 4-- Canadian soldiers turn out en masse at Afghan advance poll
October 4-- NDP candidate in Ontario quits over obscene comments
October 4-- Mutual destruction
October 4-- Harper dismisses new plagiarism allegations
October 4-- Europe to Canada: Get your act together
October 3-- The tale of the plagiarized speech
October 3-- Atwood rallies anti-Tory votes by backing Bloc
October 3-- Dion urged to hammer Tories for lack of economic plan
October 3-- Conservatives enter final push in quest for majority
October 3-- NDP aim to focus on ridings to take from Tories
October 3-- Dion's debate performance fails to give him Quebec boost: poll
October 3-- Good policy, or just good strategy?
October 3-- Dear Mr. Harper: Ever hear of Google?
October 3-- Conservatives enter final push in quest for majority
October 3-- B.C. voter still undecided after Harper campaign's visit to home
October 3-- Tories won't win big cities, ex-aide says
October 3-- Funding in place for 30-day plan, says Dion
October 3-- Government doing right thing in wake of financial situation: Flaherty
October 3-- Court turns down bid to cancel federal election
October 3-- All eyes on the economy
October 3-- Layton takes aim at Bloc, Grits
October 3-- Dion urged to hammer Tories for lack of economic plan
October 3-- B.C. New Democrat complains of lobbying by Liberal insider
October 3-- Harper warns against polarized Parliament
October 3-- More plagiarism accusations surface
October 3-- The Tories' in-your-face plan for youth justice
October 3-- Duceppe a hit with Canadian voters outside Quebec
October 3-- It was Them versus Him. Ho-hum
October 3-- All that wooing, but will it win Quebec's heartland?
October 3-- Finally, an issue: Who's going to bring the blue-collar jobs back
October 2-- Harper to aim debate performance at women
October 2-- How they played in Quebec
October 2-- A poisoned chalice?
October 2-- There are some problems Ottawa just can't solve
October 2-- Financial sector lukewarm to Dion's economic plan
October 2-- Debate format, linguistic disadvantage hobbles Harper
October 2-- Liberals slump in Ontario, Tories support drops in Quebec: poll
October 2-- Dion has the most to gain in English leaders' debate, poll says
October 2-- Instant poll finds Dion clear debate winner
October 2-- N.L. premier trusts Dion, Layton to keep promises
October 2-- Tories play down federal contract given to B.C. candidate
October 2-- Majority government will likely elude Conservative grasp, analysts say
October 2-- Ousted Liberal to run as independent
October 2-- The contradictory life of a controversial woman
October 2-- McGuinty, Charest slam federal leaders for ignoring economy
October 2-- Bernier dismisses Couillard allegations as 'marketing strategy'
October 2-- Bernier confident Canadians will trust him again
October 2-- Liberal hopes bellwether has tolled for last time
October 2-- Careful, calculated steps on the path to majority
October 2-- This is not leadership
October 2-- 'A star is born' in Elizabeth May: pollster
October 2-- Four-on-one format stacks odds against Harper
October 2-- Dion's strategy: ‘Make it people, not dollars'
October 2-- So much for Mad Max Bernier and Bikergate
October 1-- An unorthodox campaign, from apple pies to 9/11 conspiracies
October 1-- A gift Dion can't afford to squander
October 1-- Dion promises 30-day action plan on economy
October 1-- Speech saga grabs global headlines
October 1-- Safe as Houses
October 1-- B.C. may well play the role of heart-breaker or king-maker in this election
October 1-- Grits continue their attack over Iraq speech
October 1-- William Johnson on Quebec and the French debate
October 1-- Couillard just looking for glory, Bernier says
October 1-- Watchdog group files motion arguing early election is illegal
October 1-- Action time tonight as debates begin
October 1-- Talking French
October 1-- Liberals, NDP, Greens want fall session for fiscal update
September 30-- Push on to tell Far North about new voting ID rules
September 30-- Political boxing in the shadow of an economic collapse
September 30-- Harper majority a concern to more than half of Canadians: poll
September 30-- Tories admit plagiarism in Harper speech
Septmeber 30-- Only 50 per cent of youth ‘definitely' plan to vote, poll finds
September 30-- Debate to give more time to the economy
September 30-- Driving-related deaths rise on election day, study finds
September 30-- Don't vote Tory, say Greenpeace and Sierra Club
September 30-- Social values issues halt Harper's momentum in Quebec City
September 30-- Dion's wife has no regrets
September 30-- No hugs for Harper
September 30-- The wrong leader for bad economic times
September 30-- Why stop there?
September 30-- Call centres ride wave as economy sinks
September 30-- Battle lines drawn in B.C.'s bellwether riding
September 29-- Conservatives faltering in Quebec, polls show
September 29-- Tory breakthrough a hard sell in environs of Montreal
September 29-- Charest distances his government from federal Tories
September 29-- Harper sweater-vest goes up in flames
September 29-- How not to fix a broken brand
September 29-- Canada's economy sound, Harper says
September 29-- Tories opened patronage doors before election: records
September 29-- How to handle the economic crisis
September 29-- The carbon tax has come back to haunt B.C.'s Liberals
September 29-- To engage Canadians, we must invest more in our politicians

National Post

October 5-- Layton warns voters against PM’s 'old ideas'
October 5-- Toronto vandals hit Liberal supporters
October 4-- Facebook flame war forces NDP candidate to resign
October 4-- Ad Watch: Greens' May so busy she gets a call DURING her first ad
October 4-- A good week for Stephen Harper
October 4-- B.C. independent candidate faces sex charge
October 4-- Where the Liberals refused to run
October 4-- Word theft entails high risk for minimal rewards
October 3-- Opponents hammer Harper over absent platform
October 3-- No hidden agenda in Tories' platform delay
October 3-- Harper's chance for a majority falls: poll
October 3-- Liberals accuse Harper of plagiarizing Harris speech
October 3-- Liberals need to shift attacks to NDP: Rae
October 3-- Debate leaves Harper ahead, May strengthened, Dion struggling
October 3-- The frustration and fumbling of Stephane Dion
October 3-- Debates send rival war rooms into hyperdrive
October 3-- Tories announce help for apprentices, plans to release full platform
October 3-- U.S. crisis plus Conservative majority equals danger: Duceppe
October 3-- Tories battle indifferent voters, Liberals
October 3-- Dion's debate performance won't rally Liberals
October 3-- Has the Tory train gone off the rails?
October 3-- Late-game scandals hit Tories
October 3-- Dion fails to stage his comeback
October 3-- Liberals, Tories gear for economic showdown in English debate
October 2-- Harper fights off rivals at French debate
October 2-- Fight Night: Multi-national debates
October 2-- Read our live blog replay of the French language debate
October 2-- Williams takes bite out of Ritz, Harper
October 2-- Debates: Forgettable snooze fests or political dustups?
October 2-- Only Harper, Duceppe mattered
October 2-- Who won the French Debate? They all did, according to them
October 2-- Pro-democracy group goes to court to stop the election
October 2-- You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss...
October 2-- Most voters support public funding for CBC, poll finds
October 2-- L. Ian MacDonald: All tied as we go into overtime
October 1-- No clear winner at French debate
October 1--Debates: Forgettable snooze fests or political dustups?
October 1-- Tory strategist quits over copying speech
October 1-- Socially conservative voters can't get a break
October 1-- Barbara Yaffe: NDP dreaming of official Opposition status
October 1-- Polls: Tories will win a majority, unless they don't
October 1-- And again: Liberals accidentally feature New Democrats in new attack ad
October 1-- NDP reveals another plagiarism shocker
October 1-- Will someone save me from Brent Fullard?
September 30-- Tory staffer resigns after admitting to plagiarizing 2003 speech
September 30-- A plagiarism scandal of underwhelming proportions
September 30-- Suddenly the Quebec debate matters after all
September 30-- A tale of two speeches: Liberals level plagiarism charges at Harper
September 30-- Campaign chairman's tepid endorsement hints Dion victory is a fantasy
September 30-- Ontario warned away from Dion carbon tax by worried McGuinty minister
September 30-- Socially conservative voters can't get a break
September 30-- Why Conservatives want more debate time on the economy
September 30-- Canada quietly opposes calls to drill in Alaska wildlife refuge
September 30-- All parties focused on Vancouver seats
September 30-- Wisecracker Ritz missing in action
September 30-- Martin, Ignatieff pitch from 'centre'
September 29-- Layton accuses Liberals of copying Tory policy
September 29-- Iggy Think 101: An introduction to the great man's logic (or lack of it)
September 29-- Why you should not ignore Jack

Toronto Star

October 5-- Harper will wreck economy, Layton charges
October 5-- Election race tightening, poll suggests
October 5-- Harper pledges funds for regions
October 5-- Layton shares the credit
October 5-- Car vandals aim at Liberal supporters
October 5-- Duceppe steps up attacks against Harper
October 5-- Dion outlines Arctic strategy
October 5-- Lost in translation
October 5-- Harper silent on Ontario 'fairness' issue
October 5-- Getting the kids to join the party
October 5-- No licensed child care for majority of Canadian kids
October 5-- Politicians, platforms barely mention national security
October 5-- Layton seeks Atlantic breakthrough
October 5-- Five dumb ideas from the Campaign
October 5-- Ontario's interests ignored by its MPs
October 4-- Tory majority slipping away?
October 4-- Tory majority would be the worst outcome for economy: Duceppe
October 4-- Harper's Arctic policy neglects Inuit, Dion charges
October 4-- Harper says election outcome still 'fluid'
October 4-- Harper dismisses fuss over speech's origins
October 4-- Durham NDP candidate resigns over comments
October 4-- Tories lead but voter volatility on the rise
October 4-- Residency required for Canadian citizens to vote
October 4-- Layton seeks Atlantic breakthrough
October 4-- Tories 'sold to the oil men,' Duceppe charges
October 4-- Dion stresses economy in New Brunswick
October 4-- Europe's anti-poverty efforts put us to shame
October 4-- Down, out and hidden away in Oakville
October 4-- Canadian TV debate outdraws U.S. version
October 4-- Election contenders or pretenders?
October 4-- Harper warns about 'panicking' like Americans
October 4-- Sounding repetitive
October 4-- Wrong address on voter cards leaves electors scrambling
October 4-- May still explaining 'strategic voting'
October 4-- Greens' leader 'born to do this work'
October 4-- Will workers take job losses to polls?
October 4-- Will we do right by the poor in this downturn?
October 4-- The issue: Poverty
October 4-- Do I do the unthinkable to thwart Mr. Harper?
October 4-- Perhaps Harper just doesn't get it
October 4-- No party will admit to running a deficit during a recession
October 4-- Harper still winning with math
October 4-- Harper's attitude fails to reassure
October 3-- Reality proves elusive with televised politics
October 3-- Group loses court bid to block election
October 3-- Rivals must find common ground
October 3-- Plagiarism allegations plague Harper
October 2-- Harper hits back in debate
October 3-- Dion keeps up attack on Harper 'inaction'
October 3-- Don't give PM blank cheque, Duceppe says in Toronto
October 3-- Flaherty defends 'steady hand' economic strategy
October 2-- Debate like slow-moving reality TV
October 2-- Speech saga grabs global headlines
October 2-- Liberal dropped over 9/11 comments staying on ballot
October 2-- Young people urged to vote early
October 2-- Stop deporting women escaping violence, activists say
October 2-- Debate is Dion's chance to 'reset,' pollster says
October 2-- Liberals slip further, Tories steady: poll
October 2-- Debate spin swirls
October 2-- PM braces for the attack
October 2-- Political junkies across Toronto gather to watch TV showdown
October 2-- Tory candidates avoiding debates
October 2-- Not a Canadian? Kindly ignore that voter card
October 2-- No performance anxiety here
October 2-- Dryden, in his own words
October 2-- Bernier dismisses Couillard's tell-all book
October 2-- 'Hardest-working' MP breaks a sweat
October 2-- NDP candidate lashes out at courts
October 2-- Provincial minister blasts Harper
October 2-- Watchdog group wants election declared 'illegal'
October 2-- Ontario shortfall $11.8B, McGuinty says
October 2-- Economy dominates debate
October 2-- Liberals, the blame is all yours
October 2-- The twisted politics of Nova Scotia
October 2-- Neglecting child care now will cost us in the long run
October 2-- The wreckage of Harper-Bush policies
October 2-- Few answers from opposition
October 1-- PM criticized on economy, environment
October 1-- Debates are make-or-break
October 1-- Ontario short-changed $11.8B a year, McGuinty says
October 1-- Bloc creeps up, Tories extend lead: poll
October 1-- Harper no Mr. Nice Guy, Dryden says
October 1-- Economy engulfs TV debates
October 1-- Group wants court to call off election
October 1-- Youth vote expected to fall, institute warns
October 1-- Aide quits as copycat uproar stings PM
October 1-- Harper bad for cities, Ontario housing minister says
October 1-- Election ignores cities, panel says
October 1-- Don't bet on a magic moment
October 1-- Dos and don'ts of TV debates
October 1-- Out to change 'regressive' immigration system
October 1-- Harper, Howard had close ties
October 1-- Environmentalists aim to defeat Tories
October 1-- Few answers from opposition
October 1-- Good child care worth more than arts tax break
October 1-- Wrong time for reckless bravado
October 1-- Politicians regularly steal words
October 1-- Dodging the knockout punch
September 30-- Harper staffer quits over plagiarism charges
September 30-- Tories hold 10-point lead: poll
September 30-- Greenpeace, Sierra Club enter election fray
September 30-- Swear oath at polls, veiled voters told
September 30-- PM rejects meeting on economy
September 30-- Duelling debates pose tough TV choice
September 30-- CAW head urges members to vote against Tories
September 30-- Atlantic Liberals emphasize regional policies
September 30-- Conservatives ask for debate changes
September 30-- NDP courts 'progressives'
September 30-- 'Get smart' on child poverty, leaders told
September 30-- 'This government is not going to reopen . . . the debate on abortion'
September 30-- Krieber shares her views
September 30-- Tories hit a snag in Quebec
September 30-- Lobby groups make voices heard
September 30-- Q & A with Jack Layton
September 30-- Afghan mission a stealth topic
September 30-- Green leader rogue element in debates
September 30-- If you care about environment, strategic voting will be crucial
September 29-- Harper promises more funds to retrain older workers
September 29-- Layton wants all-party meeting on economy
September 29-- The promises and the costs
September 29-- Harper absent in fight against poverty, say activists
September 29-- 'Cold cuts' minister ducks media
September 29-- PM dangles tax break to soothe arts cuts
September 29-- NDP surge slows, Liberals hang on: Poll
September 29-- Ignatieff slams Harper on economy
September 29-- Layton, Dion fight for 'progressive' voters
September 29-- NDP pledges to end poverty by 2020
September 29-- Coming to grips with an Internet that never forgets
September 29-- Losing an election isn't the end
September 29-- Canadians more conservative? Evidence doesn't back it up
September 29-- For Ontarians, it's back to the future

Vancouver Sun

October 5-- Liberal ads latest to compare Harper to Bush
October 5-- Harper says election campaign unfolding - mostly - as planned
September 30-- Tory staffer 'scapegoat' for resigning over plagiarized speech: Opposition
September 30-- Harper wants economy to dominate leaders' debates, asks for format change
September 29-- PM rejects call for all-party summit on economy
September 29-- Economy, strategic attacks dominate campaign trail

Vancouver Province

October 5-- Owners want leaky-condo answers
October 5-- Ultra-left-wing parties trying to get their messages out
October 5-- Newton-North Delta candidate charged with youth sex assault
October 4-- Kissing NDP supporters pulled from Liberal campaign video
October 3-- Voters don't want Liberal to 'do an Emerson'
October 3-- Liberals question $600,000 grant
October 2-- Martin slams Tory financial management
October 1-- Conservative rival 'supports anti-gay group,' Grit claims
September 30-- Vancouver Centre too close to call
September 30-- Environmentalists call for strategic voting to defeat Harper

The Podunkian archives

October 5-- Nominations in every carton
October 3-- Canada Action Party candidate adds an unusual outlook to election campaign!
October 2-- On second thought, a debate sounds like a dandy idea after all!
October 1-- Here for a visit, but not for a lengthy chat
October 1-- The candidate is not available for presentation at this moment
September 30-- The things they’ll do with money…

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