Monday, September 22, 2008

In Northern Ontario the police seem to be having problems understanding the terms "to serve and protect"

Sunday saw another stabbing incident on a Greyhound bus, this one in Northwestern Ontario on a stretch of road between Wawa, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The stabbing, the second incident in less than two months (particularly disturbing after the horrific beheading on a Winnipeg to Brandon bus earlier this year) is drawing attention to the less than secure nature of bus transportation and the need for more protection for the travelling public that use Greyhound.

Yet this incident has a bizarre twist that has also brought much attention and criticism on Ontario police agencies.

David Wayne Roberts, was issued a social assistance bus ticket by the Wawa municipal police on Sunday and sent on his way out of town with assistance from the officers of the Wawa detachment of the OPP.
Neither police agency is saying much about the forced relocation out of Wawa, but OPP officials expressed surprise that Roberts had managed to sneak a knife on board the bus, all while under the watchful eyes of area police.

Roberts who had previously in the weekend asked Wawa police to check him into the hospital for psychological reasons, a request they apparently acted upon and which turned up no issues to be logged at that time.

From there, they sought the social assistance money to send him on his way back home. A trip that would soon turn into another frightening moment for Greyhound passengers. Fortunately for the victim, his injuries were not life threatening, however he remains in hospital.

With the latest incident causing much in the way of concern for bus travellers, more stories are being related of past incidents where troubled individuals have been placed on a bus to be taken somewhere else.

One assumes that with this latest incident, that the policy as it exists will soon be up for review and change, at least if you're travelling on a Greyhound you're probably hoping that's the plan anyways..

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