Monday, September 22, 2008

The dog ate our homework and other tales from the dog house at City Hall

While we all anxiously await the findings of the third party investigation and report into the much discussed and documented case of the Mayor's hiring of Ms. Tanalee Hesse, the spotlight for now will fall to another document, one that seems to have gone er, ahem, missing…

Once again the local message board htmf, has been used as the conduit of inquiry, with a posted copy of a correspondence between Lonnie Miller the Acting Corporate Administrator of City Hall and Janet Beil formerly employed by the Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District.

Mr. Miller writes in a response to Ms. Beil's request for information, a request which at the time of it's introduction it seems could not be processed, as Ms. Beil's file had "mysteriously disappeared".

A not particularly comforting thought, considering the recent controversy of the time regarding Ms. Beil and her former employer the Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District and before that the much documented confusion last year over the double counting of revenues that came back to surprise Council.

Though Mr. Miller does advise that in case of the disappearance of files regarding Ms. Beil, all has been referred to the appropriate authorities for investigation. The results of which we're sure will be anxiously awaited by Ms. Beil and her supporters, much like the community awaits the results of the report into the hiring issues that proved to be so controversial this past summer.

It does however seem to suggest that there are still any number of administrative issues to be sorted out at City Hall, what with disappearing files and departing executives and such.

It also keeps alive much of the controversy about the happenings over on Third Avenue over the last little while, a controversy that seems destined to continue through until the November elections.

For now there may be any number of questions as to what it is that Ms. Hesse did during her controversial period of employment with the city. But it would seem that one thing that was not on her to do list, was to revamp and modernize the filing system for easy access, storage and security.

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