Thursday, September 18, 2008

Podunk Below the Masthead September 2008

A daily look at the BIG TYPE headline of the Podunkian Daily News..

We'll list that day's BIG STORY, the one the Daily puts out in the big type just below it's masthead, for all Podunkians to ponder..

There will be a link to this feature on the right hand side of the blog..

On Wednesdays and Friday's you can access all the stories of the Daily News free on their website, on the remaining days you end up at a dead end, asking you to go purchase your paper, for (as Paul Harvey would say) the rest of the story. (though for most of September all stories have been available on the net in full.)

SEPTEMBER 30-- CITY IN LINE TO TAKE OVER OWNERSHIP OF PULP MILL-- The Watson Island pulp mill property returns to its once regular spot as the headline front page story, this time as it goes up for tax sale and potential return to city hands (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 29-- SHOCK ANNOUNCEMENT FIRES UP THE NORTHWEST--The much discussed and recently mothballed Highway 37 electrification project gets back on the fast track (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 26-- CANADA POST DELIVERS REBUTTAL TO SERVICE FEARS -- The Post Office provides its side of the story of mail delivery to the Queen Charlotte Islands (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 25-- TRAIL NOT DUE TO BE FINISHED BEFORE APRIL SAYS MINISTRY --Provincial government officials explain the delays behind the completion of the Rushbrook trail (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 24-- ISLANDERS LEFT ISOLATED AS BC FERRIES PULLS SERVICE -- Canada Post loses a few fans on the Charlottes with details of changes to the mail delivery system there (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 23-- PORT ED LOOKING FOR VALUE FROM BUSY WEEK AHEAD -- Port Edward representatives at the UBCM look ahead to their plans for the annual convention of muncipalities (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 22--POND CLAIMS TO SPEAK FOR NORTH ON TANKERS, PIPELINE-- Mayor Herb Pond echoes much of the Liberal Party of B. C. line on oil and gas exploration and transportation on the north coast (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 19--WHEELCHAIR USER CLAIMS BRAKES WERE PUT ON VISIT--Not letting a Seattle tourist off of one of the cruise ships use his motorized wheelchair in the Museum of Northern B. C. proves to be a troublesome issue for the Museum (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 18-- ‘WE’RE NOT BOOMING YET’ CITY PLANS TO TELL PROVINCE-- The provides a small preview of his plans for the UBCM convention and his hope to gain some help from the province over local issues (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 17-- MOUNTIES URGE RESIDENTS TO JOIN FIGHT AGAINST CRIME -- The local detachment of the RCMP seek out a few more recruits for their auxiliary program (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 16-- ALASKANS HEAR OF RUPERT PORT'S BUOYANT OUTLOOK -- The Port of Prince Rupert took front stage status at an export trade conference the day before the Southeast Conference was set to begin in Prince Rupert (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 15-- NORTH COAST REELING AFTER LOSING 'MAYOR ED' WAMPLER-- The passing of former Port Edward Mayor Ed Wampler provides many opportunities for tributes to his impact on the North Coast (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 12-- EX-CHSS TEACHER HANDED FIVE YEARS FOR SEX CRIMES -- The Court case of Michael Kolesar comes to a conculsion with his conviction and sentencing (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 11-- GREENS WELCOME LEADERS' TV DEBATE TURN-AROUND -- The inclusion of Elizabeth May to the televised leader's debate roster meets with approval from local green members (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 10-- FRESH PAGE WAITS FOR CITY'S NEWEST SECONDARY SCHOOL -- A new name and a new vision for the city's third high school as plans continue for the February opening of the Pacific Coast School (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 9-- STANDING-ROOM-ONLY AS CONTRACT COMES UNDER FIRE -- The controversial hiring of Tanalee Hesse became the subject of one of most anticipated council sessions in a few years (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 8-- WOMAN ACCUSED OF ASSAULT ACQUITTED OF ALL CHARGES-- A police shooting dating back two years finishes its travels through the courts, with the suspect involved in the original incident acquitted of all charges (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 5-- MEETING HELD TO DISCUSS CITY CONTRACT -- A group of local residents concerned about some of the behind the scenes activities at City Hall gathered to meet and plan some strategey (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 4-- YOUNG CHILDREN ‘NOT ALLOWED’ IN ANY RUPERT SCHOOLS -- The School District and a local mother continue discussions on the status of her children in the school district (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 3-- ADJUSTMENT TO THURSDAY NIGHT SAILING NOT VERY POPULAR -- BC Ferries finds that not consulting the customers on important servi ce changes is a recipe for a backlash (see story here)

SEPTEMBER 2-- LOCAL RCMP STRETCHED TO THE LIMIT -- A Senior officers of the local detachment outlines some of the challenges that face the regular members of the RCMP in Prince Rupert these days (see story here)

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