Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Along that dusty election trail (Week Two)

We continue to highlight some of the key developments during the course of week two of the election campaign. Culling our items from the various Canadian newspapers and news services as they criss cross the nation in quest of the stories of this election campaign.

Globe and Mail

Sept. 21-- Liberals pledge to reverse Tory culture cuts
Sept. 21-- Layton promises provinces power to ban handguns
Sept, 21-- It's satire. Tasty, tasty satire
Sept. 21-- U.S.-style financial crisis unlikely in Canada: Flaherty
Sept. 21-- Tories inching ahead of Grits
Sept. 21-- Cab company founder running as ‘independent conservative'
Sept. 21-- Trying to bring down the Bloc
Sept. 21-- NDP candidate apologizes for skinny-dipping
Sept. 21-- All aboard for Green whistle-stop tour
Sept. 21-- Bloc builds its defences
Sept. 20-- Hands-off is best for the provinces
Sept. 20-- What's not to like about Ms. May?
Sept. 20-- Great on climate change, but not much else
Sept. 20-- Harper heads north, Dion takes aim
Sept. 20-- The end of the Canadian environmental movement?
Sept. 20-- Harper hoping for northern breakthrough
Sept. 20-- Dion makes $530-million in promises for arts, culture
Sept. 20-- Layton denies deal with Marijuana party
Sept. 20-- Harper misleading Quebeckers, Duceppe says
Sept. 19-- More than a joke
Sept. 19-- Team Dion: Is it overkill?
Sept. 19-- Dion slams Harper for refusing to fire Ritz
Sept. 19-- The growing ideological no man's land
Sept. 19-- Dion promises farmers $1.2-billion package
Sept. 19-- Is carbon-tax recession talk just hot air?
Sept. 19-- Former NDP premiers urge B.C. to vote Liberal
Sept. 19-- Voters in swing ridings worried by U.S. economic crisis
Sept. 19-- May, Duceppe win debate draw
Sept. 19-- No bailout for banks: Harper
Sept. 19-- May scores big
Sept. 19-- Leaving the toxic culture behind
Sept. 19-- Dion takes on Saskatchewan premier about Green Shift
Sept. 19-- Second NDP candidate resigns in B.C.
Sept. 19-- Charest pledges to continue defending Quebec's interests
Sept. 19-- Put inspectors in every Canadian meat plant: Layton
Sept. 19-- No bailout for banks: Harper
Sept. 19-- Ignatieff makes auto-sector pledge
Sept. 19-- Kin of listeriosis victim angry with Ritz
Sept. 19-- Harper rejects notion of Canadian bailout for banks
Sept. 18-- Liberals gain traction in key Ontario, Quebec ridings
Sept. 18-- Does an off-colour joke warrant a pink slip?
Sept. 18-- Liberal plan would '.kneecap' economy, Wall says
Sept. 18-- Native issues casualties of Afghan spending, chief says
Sept. 18-- Housing funds not a vote-buying pledge, Tories say
Sept. 18-- Tories to blame for the confusion over Green Shift: Dion
Sept. 18-- Quebec vows to fight national securities plan
Sept. 18-- Dion commits $70-billion over 10 years for infrastructure
Sept. 18-- Harper stands by Ritz despite 'tasteless' jokes
Sept. 18-- Tories apologize for 'sober' remark to aboriginal protester
Sept. 18-- Kin of listeriosis victim angry with Ritz
Sept. 18-- Harper offers modest tax break for seniors
Sept. 18-- Now it's Ritz 'peeing in the wind'
Sept. 18-- Layton promises $1-billion senior home-care program
Sept. 18-- Harper refuses to seek Ritz's resignation
Sept. 18-- Is Harper right to stand by his minister?
Sept. 18-- In search of the Liberal brand
Sept. 18-- The piano man and the economic crisis
Sept. 18-- A big-team approach may turn the game around for Dion
Sept. 18-- Tories' campaign raiding Down Under, down-south ideas
Sept. 17-- Tories' lead dwindles in key Ontario races
Sept. 17-- Court delay prevents Grits from using Cadman tape
Sept. 17-- Beware of online vote swaps, Elections Canada warns
Sept. 17-- B.C. NDP candidate resigns
Sept. 17-- Cost of Afghan mission to be released in ‘weeks'
Sept. 17-- Harper pledges to enshrine Quebec's representation on CRTC
Sept. 17-- Dion backtracks on deficit
Sept. 17-- Duceppe demands apology from Tory MP
Sept. 17-- Layton proposes major childcare program
Sept. 17-- Layton's half built house
Sept. 17-- Easter calls for Ritz's resignation
Sept. 17-- Tory support taking a hit in key Quebec ridings, poll says
Sept. 17-- Immigrants' loyalty to Liberals waning
Sept. 17-- Dion urged to use Liberal strategy of the past
Sept. 17-- Liberals pledge return to daycare program
Sept. 17-- Aboriginal students need more funds: minister
Sept. 17-- McGuinty calls for outright ban on handguns
Sept. 17-- Green platform: Tax cuts for poor, industries that cut emissions
Sept. 17-- Harper promises crackdown on tobacco youth market
Sept. 17-- Majority still in sight for Tories: Poll
Sept. 17-- Layton proposes major childcare program
Sept. 17-- Dion pledges boost for students, university research
Sept. 17-- Harper wants control of next government, even a minority
Sept. 17-- A big-team approach may turn the game around for Dion
Sept. 17-- Tories' campaign raiding Down Under, down-south ideas
Sept. 17-- It's Stephen vs. Stéphane in Quebec Liberal ads
Sept. 17-- In election 2008, as in 2006, the world just doesn't exist
Sept. 17-- Toronto, Atlantic Canada may be Dion's last battlegrounds
Sept. 17-- An election, not a soap
Sept. 17-- Hurting their brand
Sept. 16-- Opposing parties will sabotage economy, Harper says
Sept. 16-- Dion shifts focus to the economy
Sept. 16-- Layton promises banking industry review
Sept. 16-- Harper promises tax break for first-time home-buyers
Sept. 16-- May takes on DND for dropping local knife supplier
Sept. 16-- Harper guns for seats in francophone Quebec
Sept. 16-- Tories hold lead over Liberals
Sept. 16-- Dion answers Liberal critics with Rae at his side
Sept. 16-- Layton pledges $100-million for skills training
Sept. 16-- Dion vows $900-million for catastrophic drug plan
Sept. 16-- Insiders hint at unrest in Liberal ranks
Sept. 16-- How can Dion turn things around?
Sept. 16-- Liberals planning gang task force for B.C.
Sept. 16-- Lessons in right-wing reality from one Harper to another
Sept. 16-- There is no shelter for Canada from the gathering economic storm
Sept. 16-- Women's votes: Up for grabs and they know it
Sept. 15-- Should Dion make better use of other Liberal 'stars'?
Sept. 15-- Tories to open parental benefits to self-employed
Sept. 15-- Tories, NDP are a team, says Dion
Sept. 15-- Tories stalled in key ridings, poll suggests
Sept. 15-- More friendly fire for Duceppe
Sept. 15-- May launches whistle-stop tour
Sept. 15-- Greens scrambled to find candidates, e-mail suggests
Sept. 15-- Never get too comfortable
Sept. 15-- Duceppe trapped in Quebec's urban solitude
Sept. 15-- Jeffrey Simpson analyzes the campaign so far
Sept. 15-- Stephen Harper: the tactics, the leadership (Part 1)
Sept. 15-- Stephen Harper: the tactics, the leadership (Part 2)
Sept. 15-- Letting Elizabeth May elbow her way into the major leagues is a disgrace
Sept. 15-- Yakabuski takes your questions on the Bloc's struggle
Sept. 15-- After cancelled by-election, some candidates 'a bit grumpy'

National Post

Sept. 20-- Who paid for this ad? Does Elections Canada know?
Sept. 20-- Dion repackages Green Shift, attacks Tories
Sept. 20-- For the Liberals, a good plan executed badly
Sept. 19-- No need for intervention in 'strong' Canadian market: PM
Sept. 19-- Gaffes can't stop Conservative creep to majority: poll
Sept. 19-- Harper not keeping Canadians safe: Layton
Sept. 19-- Green’s get first crack at English leadership debate
Sept. 19-- PM rejects fresh calls to fire minister over listeriosis jokes
Sept. 19-- Tories slamming the door on Quebec: Duceppe
Sept. 19-- Somebody barricade the mint: Liberal promises top $80 billion. Yes, you read that right
Sept. 19-- Podcast: How is the economy affecting the federal election?
Sept. 19-- Is Stéphane Dion's English really that terrible?
Sept. 19-- Stephane Dion's Promiseland, where what you see isn't necessarily what you get
Sept. 19-- Liberal election promises top $80-billion
Sept. 19-- Stephen Harper's one-man government, for good reason
Sept. 19-- Who's the sheriff here? Liberals, Tories fight to earn their tough-on-crime spurs
Sept. 19-- PM urges Canadians to keep spending
Sept. 19-- Switch to Tories paid off, Khan says
Sept. 19-- Harper defends Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz
Sept. 19-- Tory pledge on housing breaks rule, Liberals say
Sept. 18-- Gaffes give Liberals a break, again
Sept. 18-- Apologies almost eclipse promises on campaign trail
Sept. 18-- Harper refuses to put agriculture minister out to pasture
Sept. 18-- Pot-smoking, LSD-dropping NDP candidate weeded out
Sept. 17-- Agriculture Minister apologizes for 'inappropriate' listeriosis-related jokes
Sept. 17-- Environment, education most important issues to young voters: poll
Sept. 17-- It takes the right piece of catnip to catch a PM
Sept. 17-- Green Platform: 157 pages of Green Vision
Sept. 17-- Tory majority bad for environment, says Duceppe
Sept. 17-- Stephane Dion to Bob Rae: No more help please; it's killing me
Sept. 17-- David Akin: No gloating from Tories at Liberals' travel troubles
Sept. 17-- Ka-ching, ka-ching: Liberals and NDP run up the bill of election promises
Sept. 17-- Kelly McParland: Bob Rae gives a boost to his, er ... to Liberals' campaign
Sept. 17-- Tories tripped up by Ritz’s joke, Liberals and NDP focus on daycare
Sept. 17-- 'Distracting' B.C. NDP candidate dumped
Sept. 17-- Green Party releases platform, includes GST hike
Sept. 16-- Kevin Libin: Alberta, the land the election forgot
Sept. 16-- Non-Christian voters lean Liberal
Sept. 16-- Tories shift campaign message, all parties open the purse
Sept. 16-- Multimillion-dollar promises dot campaign trail
Sept. 16-- Tories trail in pledge-a-thon as Dion, Layton promise billions
Sept. 16-- Canadian economy 'solid,' Harper reassures
Sept. 16-- Too early to count the Liberals out yet
Sept. 16-- Duceppe: 'We're the only party that can stop the Conservatives'
Sept. 16-- NDP offers $100-million incentive to keeps jobs in Canada
Sept. 16-- Parties still having trouble fielding candidates
Sept. 16-- Conservatives offer $5,000 tax break for first-time home buyers
Sept. 16-- L. Ian Macdonald: Liberals struggle with unholy trinity of troubles in Quebec
Sept. 16-- Kelly McParland: Save us from the Toronto Star
Sept. 16-- National Post Editorial Board: Beating up on bloggers diminishes Greens
Sept. 15-- Catholics, Protestants no longer a split vote
Sept. 15-- Too early to count the Liberals out yet
Sept. 15-- Dion goes fishing for Tories' N.L. seats
Sept. 15-- Campaign spotlight turns to economic woes
Sept. 15-- Afghan war costs could be thorny election issue
Sept. 15-- Harper announces new parental leave program
Sept. 15-- Poll roundup: Harper still short of majority
Sept. 15-- Carbon tariffs pose risk of trade war, OECD told
Sept. 15-- Commentary: 'Conservative' in name only
Sept. 15-- No easy win for Liberals on economy
Sept. 15-- Tories keeping tight control of biofuel message, documents show
Sept. 15-- Conservatives launch ads attacking the Bloc

Toronto Star

Sept. 21-- Dion puts hopes on platform
Sept. 21-- Only Bloc can stop Tory majority: Duceppe
Sept. 21-- Vandals target Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj againVandals target Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj again
Sept. 21-- Dion puts hopes on platform
Sept. 21-- NDPer apologizes for taking clothes off in front of minors
Sept. 21-- Stars trade sports for politics in Winnipeg
Sept. 21-- Will T.O. ever love the Tories?
Sept. 21-- 'Cheeky' campaign to get schools a GST break
Sept. 21-- Green leader to start cross-Canada rail tour
Sept. 21-- A winning formula?
Sept. 21-- Dion defends Green Shift plan
Sept. 21-- Poll-itics of the GTA
Sept. 21-- Urban pleas receive scant attention
Sept. 21-- Layton touts strategy on handguns
Sept. 21-- MacKay approved $16,800 hospitality tab
Sept. 21-- Toronto Tory candidate quits
Sept. 21-- Liberals lose ground with women, pollster says
Sept. 21-- Professor Dion hasn't mastered his lessons
Sept. 20-- The issue: Immigration
Sept. 20-- At a crossroads: A refugee story
Sept. 20-- A sea change in immigration, met by silence on the hustings
Sept. 20-- The stump speech: Stéphane Dion
Sept. 20-- Green Shift: Are Liberals downplaying eco plan?
Sept. 20-- Tories and Liberals stalled
Sept. 20-- The Liberal Democratic Party?
Sept. 20-- Protester infiltrates Harper rally
Sept. 20-- Liberals propose $1.2 billion in aid for farmers
Sept. 20-- Team NDP going all out for the gold
Sept. 20-- Ethanol plant fuels divisions
Sept. 20-- Party websites as dull as dishwater
Sept. 20-- Green's May to lead off English-language debate
Sept. 20-- B.C. riding lets its hair down
Sept. 20-- Who do you trust: Politician or nerd?
Sept. 20-- Dion getting poor reviews from voters in Muskoka
Sept. 20-- Which parties are putting poverty on their agenda?
Sept. 20-- Tories steady, NDP gains, Liberals lose ground: Poll
Sept. 20-- The Star's 2008 election platform
Sept. 20-- Cautious Harper dodges Palin question
Sept. 20-- Layton pledges handgun ban
Sept. 20-- Harper promises northern development agency
Sept. 20-- Liberals would reverse arts cuts
Sept. 19-- Kennedy put us on this path
Sept. 19-- Miller and McCallion applaud Liberals' ambitious blueprint
Sept. 19-- Defence department restricts media interviews
Sept. 19-- Harper pressed to fire Ritz for listeriosis jokes
Sept. 19-- Layton calls for inspectors in every meat plant
Sept. 19-- Harper too 'hands-off' on economy, Layton says
Sept. 19-- Ritz remarks just Tory mean-spiritedness: Goodale
Sept. 19-- The exchange: Week 2 of election campaign
Sept. 19-- B.C. NDP candidate resigns over pot videos
Sept. 19-- Dion plan takes aim at guns, gangs, Internet luring
Sept. 19-- Don't like PM? Then don't vote Green or NDP, Liberal says
Sept. 19-- Harper: No bailout for Canadian banks
Sept. 19-- Green Shift not major platform plank, Dion says
Sept. 19-- Which parties are putting poverty on their agenda?
Sept. 19-- Tories, NDP make pitch to capture seniors' vote
Sept. 19-- PM stands ground on cuts to culture
Sept. 18-- 'Change in course' needed on Afghanistan: Layton
Sept. 18-- Liberals eliminated deficit, Chrétien reminds Harper
Sept. 18-- The worst Liberal campaign ever
Sept. 18-- Canadian politics a puzzling process
Sept. 18-- Fair share for everyone in Ontario
Sept. 18-- PM rejects resignation calls
Sept. 18-- Tories on the rise in Quebec despite gaffes
Sept. 18-- Tories would end Manitoba meat inspection programs: Union
Sept. 18-- Son of listeriosis victim fuming over minister Ritz's joke
Sept. 18-- NDP, Tories court seniors
Sept. 18-- NDP, Greens gaining, poll suggests
Sept. 18-- Liberals would invest $70B in roads, transit
Sept. 18-- Joke a firing offence: Dion
Sept. 18-- Minister sorry for 'tasteless' listeria jokes
Sept. 18-- Miller, McGuinty press for ban on handguns
Sept. 18-- Watchdog to release costs
Sept. 18-- May promises tax breaks for poor
Sept. 18-- Marijuana activist and candidate butts out of B.C. race
Sept. 18-- Leaders feud over family
Sept. 17-- NDP candidate resigns amid coca seed allegations
Sept. 17-- Minister apologizes for 'tasteless' listeria jokes
Sept. 17-- Tories defend interests of Quebec nationalists: PM
Sept. 17-- Greens put a price tag on tax cuts, emissions changes
Sept. 17-- Harper wins delay of hearing on Cadman tape
Sept. 17-- McGuinty renews call for handgun ban
Sept. 17-- Parties can't read literacy warnings
Sept. 17-- Harper's unnerving confidence
Sept. 17-- For Liberals, it should be 'the economy, stupid'
Sept. 17-- Would push through crime bill, Harper says
Sept. 17-- Greens promise green tax cuts, GST hike
Sept. 17-- Harper says Yes to release of Afghan war cost report
Sept. 17-- Dion promises support for students, research
Sept. 17-- Liberals, NDP vow billions for daycare
Sept. 17-- Tory majority still in reach, poll suggests
Sept. 17-- Dion plan would cover drugs for serious illness
Sept. 17-- Editorial accuses Ottawa in outbreak
Sept. 17-- A majority is not to be feared, Harper says
Sept. 17-- Harper offers home puchase tax credit
Sept. 17-- Rae helps Dion switch focus
Sept. 17-- Dion plane grounded
Sept. 17-- Tories attack in Mississauga
Sept. 16-- Harper has right-wing agenda for Canada: Dion
Sept. 16-- Reopening debate on our debates
Sept. 16-- Stratford a stage for urban, rural solitudes
Sept. 16-- Naked campaign truths
Sept. 16-- PM pushed to help secure release of Afghan mission costs
Sept. 16-- PM says he'll govern as if he has a majority
Sept. 16-- Harper offers break to first-time home buyers
Sept. 16-- Rae injects Liberals with a dose of grit
Sept. 16-- Conservatives' lead holds in latest poll
Sept. 16-- Dion pledges serious illness drug plan
Sept. 16-- Stumbling campaign angers Liberal insiders
Sept. 16-- PM blasted on economy
Sept. 16-- Bumpy road on the Rock for Dion
Sept. 16-- All aboard for revival of railway politicking
Sept. 16-- PM vows 'steady hand on wheel' in rocky times
Sept. 16-- Layton unveils $1B plan to cut doctor shortage
Sept. 16-- Duceppe shrugs off critics
Sept. 16-- Dion unveils $300M plan to aid fishermen
Sept. 15-- Don't trust other parties, PM warns Ontario voters
Sept. 15-- Conservative lead shrinks, poll suggests
Sept. 15-- Leaders spar over economy
Sept. 15-- Harper extends self-employed maternity leave
Sept. 15-- Layton pledges $1B to tackle doctor shortage
Sept. 15-- Carbon tax woes dog Dion
Sept. 15-- Layton keeps PM in sights
Sept. 15-- Tories to put NDP, Greens on hot seat
Sept. 15-- Duceppe seeks union
Sept. 15-- Rocky start behind Dion
Sept. 15-- Elizabeth May banking on a colour change
Sept. 15-- Dion has little time to get his act together
Sept. 15-- Ottawa's 'leaders' ignore cities
Sept. 15-- Low-income voters look to province
Sept. 15-- Three questions for Ontario candidates

Vancouver Sun

Sept. 20-- Green party plans to fight poverty, homelessness
Sept. 20-- Nude photos of candidate won't steal focus from campaign: Tories
Sept. 19-- Another B.C. NDP candidate resigns after marijuana video surfaces
Sept. 18-- PM vows to clamp down on 'kiddie' tobacco pro
Sept. 16-- Metro Vancouver's gang violence becomes an election issue
Sept. 16-- Liberals unveil 'made-in-B.C.' policy agenda
Sept. 16-- Liberals pledge $1.3 billion for health care
Sept. 15-- Mayencourt's tax stand questioned
Sept. 14-- Tories change target to aim at NDP, Greens

Vancouver Province

Sept. 21-- Green leader tours B.C.
Sept. 18-- Political hopeful quits after links to poppy plants revealed
Sept. 16-- Liberals' 'made-in-B.C.' agenda includes guns and gangs task force
Sept. 16-- Harper gains, Dion slips in B.C., suggests poll
Sept. 15-- Liberals to spend $250m in beetle counterattack

The Podunkian Archives

Sept. 21-- Cullen looking for a three peat
Sept. 21-- New election rules could leave some First Nations residents without a vote
Sept. 20-- Too late to burn the negatives or hit delete, Conservatives hope to change the focus of those infamous candid shots of Sharon Smith
Sept. 17-- Well he could say that he has the lightest carbon footprint!
Sept. 17-- The candidate meets the professor and the competition
Sept. 16-- The Tyee's Skeena-Bulkley Valley primer, photo's not included..
Sept. 16-- They’ll be knocking on your door!
Sept. 15-- Five for Skeena-Bulkley Valley

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