Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A few pranks that stank

The last days of the school year back in June, proved to be on the minds of the School Board's trustees at their first meeting of September.
Trustees reviewed some incidents from both High Schools back in June, which seemed to lean more towards vandalism and break and entering, than the celebration of the end of high school, were up for discussion at the meeting.

On the top of their review list were the grad pranks that caused much disruption to Charles Hays Secondary School, it seemed to suffer the brunt of the end of the school year hi-jinks, incidents which in the case of Charles Hays seem to have raised a few questions about school site security.

The Daily news provided details of the school board's discussions in Tuesday's paper.

Trustees scratch heads following year-end pranks
By Kris Schumacher
The Daily News
Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Page three

Graduation pranks at both Prince Rupert high schools were briefly discussed at last week's school board meeting, as trustees wondered how students were able to gain easy access to one of the schools after hours.

In the School District 52 Operations Department's report to the board for the month of June, two separate pranks at Charles Hays Secondary School were detailed because they required assistance from maintenance crews to clean up.

The first incident had soccer nets piled up at the school's main entrance, hurdles and soccer nets piled in the centre of the field, and a bicycle tied up in the main entrance steel structure.

A number of teachers' licence plates were also found inside the main entrance light shades and around the front of the school.

It was the second set of pranks that required the graduating students to use a set of school keys and called for them to know the alarm code, which together allowed them unrestricted access to the inside of the building. The security system monitor and computer were turned off, and on the third floor of the building students put desks, tables and chairs into the hallways, dumped sugar and flour into the drawers of the food room, and spread files and papers around in classrooms throughout the school.

Finally, live chickens were brought into the school and locked inside the office of principal Sandy Jones' overnight.

At Prince Rupert Secondary School, grads threw garbage in front of the school, covered windows in Vaseline and paint balls, and put shaving cream on some school skylights as some of the year-end pranks, although the report notes that not all pranks were done by PRSS grads.

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