Monday, September 22, 2008

Podunkian Music Club September 22 2008

Pink Floyd-- Us and Them

We're a day or two behind on our music club selection, so we'll get back on track as we highlight the musical contribution of Richard Wright to the English progressive movement through his work with Pink Floyd.

Wright who passed away this week at the age of 65 was one of the founding members of Floyd, a group which changed much of the music scene through the years with their thematic and introspective recordings.

They defined the progressive art rock movement of the day, giving the creative spur of those that would follow from Genesis and through Peter Gabriel's solo efforts, in Canada groups like Rush, Saga and FM all would follow in the ground that had been plowed by Pink Floyd, which created the space for groups to explore their anthemic themes going far beyond what we had seen in music before.

Far beyond the era of the short AM hits, Pink Floyd was a staple of FM radio in the seventies helping to change the dynamic of music and the delivery of it from the Top 40 stations, providing the musical theme for the mass migration to the FM dial and its ability to explore albums track by track, highlighting the creative process like never before.

And creative was what Pink Floyd was then and continues to be today, though clearly not the same as when that original cast first launched the group on the world scene.

Artist-- Pink Floyd
Recording-- Dark Side of the Moon

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