Monday, September 22, 2008

Who's that knocking at my door? (Week three)

As the federal election campaign continues on into its third week, we'll keep track of the day to day developments from our corner of the blogosphere, from the leaders of the various parties, to those candidates who bring attention to themselves (mostly it seems for the worse!) we'll list all that we come across.

We will also log some of the local events for Skeena-Bulkley Valley as the local campaign progresses on towards the October 14th polling day....

Globe and Mail

Sept. 28-- Majority movement gains speed as Harper's lead soars
Sept. 28-- NDP rolls out promises for lower income earners
Sept. 28-- Dion lashes out at NDP, Tories
Sept. 28-- Duceppe says Bloc can still stop Tory majority
Sept. 28-- Native leaders demand campaign attention
Sept. 28-- Stepping it up in a bid to increase 28-vote victory
Sept. 28-- Native leaders demand campaign attention
Sept. 28-- Ritz ordered by Harper's aides to face cameras over listeriosis
Sept. 28-- Could an editorial endorsement be far behind?
Sept. 28-- The Tories get a little culture shock from Quebeckers - and the Bloc
Sept. 28-- Make our leaders talk to each other
Sept. 28-- Incrementalism in a time of upheaval
Sept. 28-- This financial hurricane will hit Canadian shores
Sept. 27-- Why McGuinty's 'fairness campaign' has failed
Sept. 27-- Turn to NDP to stop Harper, Layton says after poll gains
Sept. 27-- May denies reports she supports strategic voting
Sept. 27-- Buoyed by polls, Layton fires up B.C. troops
Sept. 27-- Duceppe sets lofty oil goal
Sept. 27-- Harper accuses opponents of 'talking down' Canadian economy
Sept. 27-- NDP government wouldn't go into deficit: Layton
Sept. 27-- 'Guess you're not wondering what happened to me,' Harper jokes
Sept. 26-- Is it time for the Tories to release a platform?
Sept. 26-- Liberals projected to lose almost all close races
Sept. 26-- Tories well ahead of Liberals in Ontario's swing ridings: poll
Sept. 26-- Liberals criticize Tories' judgment on Bernier-Couillard affair
Sept. 26-- The big Dipper reaches for the stars
Sept. 26-- Today's Liberals need an issue, like free trade, to turn fortunes
Sept. 26-- Dion comes out swinging at Harper
Sept. 26-- Dion drops candidate over controversial remarks
Sept. 26-- B.C. Premier, Emerson slam NDP for promise to negotiate new softwood deal
Sept. 26-- Harper: Dion ‘cheering' for a recession
Sept. 26-- Ottawa posts much smaller budget surplus
Sept. 26-- Conservatives pledge to stop bitumen exports to countries with low emissions standards
Sept. 26-- Harper takes issue with report on Khadr
Sept. 26-- Liberals criticize Tories' judgment on Bernier-Couillard affair
Sept. 26-- Layton pitches prescription drug program
Sept. 26-- Harper, Dion regroup in friendly territory
Sept. 26-- The G-G's right to warn, but not to leak
Sept. 26-- Running out of time on carbon emissions
Sept. 26-- How can voters take the NDP seriously?
Sept. 26-- A little cut and thrust, please
Sept. 26-- Fired candidate: Was Liberal lefty clobbered by her own swing?
Sept. 26-- In praise of weak leadership
Sept. 26-- Distortion, incoherence in the carbon tax's wake
Sept. 26-- Votes for arts
Sept. 26-- Hot and not, halfway through the election
Sept. 25-- Candidate controversy continues for nearly every party
Sept. 25-- Liberals already musing about potential leaders
Sept. 25-- Harper, Dion trade jabs over economic policies
Sept. 25-- For Sikhs, ‘it is in their blood' to campaign
Sept. 25-- Parties battle for consumer confidence
Sept. 25-- No room for faulty gas pumps and spam, Harper says
Sept. 25-- Harper's wife skipping arts gala
Sept. 25-- NDP will formalize consumer protection
Sept. 25-- Duceppe stands by ‘fresh meat' assertion
Sept. 25-- Foreign competition ‘will come' for cell phones
Sept. 25-- Dion positions himself as best leader
Sept. 25-- Arts cuts butcher Tory support in Quebec
Sept. 25-- Grant screening must be tightened after women's program collapse: MacKay
Sept. 25-- Liberals shift focus to 'living for another day'
Sept. 25-- NDP's loss may be Liberals' gain
Sept. 25-- Witnesses to West's alleged skinny-dip speak out
Sept. 25-- Broadbent's sage advice: Don't go changing
Sept. 25-- Why there won't be a Dion 2.0
Sept. 25-- At a critical juncture, leaders revert to rueful cliché
Sept. 24-- No surprise here: Harper remains fiscally off balance with Quebec
Sept. 24-- To be creative is, in fact, Canadian
Sept. 24-- Broadbent's sage advice: Don't go changing
Sept. 24-- The PM's phony war on the elites
Sept. 24-- NDP turns to ‘play-against-type' agencies for TV spots
Sept. 24-- Wascana will be one to watch as Moore takes on the mighty Ralph
Sept. 24-- Harper's plan is about denunciation, not deterrence
Sept. 24-- A perfect storm dooms Liberals in B.C.
Sept. 24-- Cadman whisked out of Tories' candidates meeting
Sept. 24-- Dion pledges $75-million to boost security at places of worship
Sept. 24-- NDP vows to end Softwood Lumber Agreement
Sept. 24-- Greens challenge NDP for secondary votes
Sept. 24-- Former Tory candidate fired after women's group goes broke
Sept. 24-- Artists ‘should be landlords, not tenants'
Sept. 24-- Layton aims to attract voters in B.C. battleground ridings
Sept. 24-- Witnesses to West's alleged skinny-dip speak out
Sept. 24-- NDP's loss may be Liberals' gain
Sept. 24-- Half of Canadians want reduction in Tory military spending: poll
Sept. 24-- ‘Ottawa NDP' not B.C.'s friend, Harper says
Sept. 24-- Harper calls on Duceppe to retract ‘fresh meat' comment
Sept. 24-- ‘Ignore them,' Dion tells Liberals of his critics
Sept. 24-- Liberals failing to draw women voters
Sept. 24-- Why can't Canadian parties connect with young voters like Obama does?
Sept. 24-- Liberals shift focus to 'living for another day'
Sept. 23-- Bloc squeaking through in Quebec's battleground ridings
Sept. 23-- Tories take second crack at crime bill
Sept. 23-- Layton sings sweet tune for Quebec
Sept. 23-- Liberals may have ‘hit the floor,' poll suggests
Sept. 23-- Not: Stephane Dion and the Titanic
Sept. 23-- Dion's media strategy needs work to win votes
Sept. 23-- Money, money, money: For the Conservatives, it sure does help
Sept. 22-- Voters not warming to Dion: poll
Sept. 22-- Tories to extend life sentences to juveniles
Sept. 22-- Grits not keeping Kelowna promises: native leaders
Sept. 22-- Candidates haunted by past rants in wired world
Sept. 22-- Bloc slams youth crime proposal
Sept. 22-- Channeling Bourassa
Sept. 22-- Any weaker and Mr. Dion would need a transfusion
Sept. 22-- Unveiling the Liberal plan: 'funds,' 'studies' and a few holes
Sept. 22-- Jack Layton is wagering he can elbow the Liberals out of the way
Sept. 22-- May wants Canada to be nuclear-free zone
Sept. 22-- NDP will repeal corporate tax cuts
Sept. 22-- Ontario demands fair play on equalization
Sept. 22-- Layton hints at coalition government
Sept. 22-- Harper ‘quitting' on drug clinic
Sept. 22-- Green Leader goes retro with train tour
Sept. 22-- Tories holding position to form government: poll
Sept. 22-- Tories lose candidate amid bitter blog battle
Sept. 22-- PMO pressure contractor to remove 'xenophobic' jokes
Sept. 22-- Where they stand: on aboriginal issues
Sept. 22-- Liberal platform leaves cash to spare

National Post

Sept. 28-- Liberals, NDP fight for official Opposition status

Sept. 28-- New child benefit centerpiece of NDP platform
Sept. 28-- Dion fights to keep Grit votes from drifting to NDP
Sept. 27-- Liberals call for the resignation of ‘unfit’ NDP candidate
Sept. 27-- Harper's arts cuts -- a populist move?
Sept. 27-- Goodbye to Lesley Hughes
Sept. 26-- How do the parties ads stack up?
Sept. 26-- Live from Comedy Central, Canada's election candidates
Sept. 26-- Ottawa has lots of money. Should it really spend it all on the debt?
Sept. 26-- Trudeau battles two legacies - his father's and Dion's
Sept. 26-- Harper touts economic report as Liberals dump candidate
Sept. 26-- World economy in 'deep trouble:' Harper
Sept. 26-- Provinces slam Harper arts cuts
Sept. 26-- Green success comes in many shades
Sept. 26-- Layton announces $4.5B pharmacare plan
Sept. 26-- Liberals' Fortress Toronto no longer impregnable
Sept. 26-- Liberal candidate stands by 9/11 remarks
Sept. 25-- NDP would cap credit-card interest rates: Layton
Sept. 25-- Canadian economy will be fine, Harper asserts
Sept. 25-- Economy, consumer protection dominate election messages
Sept. 25-- Tories, NDP back consumers as Liberals target economy
Sept. 25-- Ignore Liberal who predicts loss: Dion
Sept. 25-- Politics played role in cuts to arts: Flaherty
Sept. 25-- Another NDP candidate in the soup after denouncing 'crybaby' U.S. deserters
Sept. 25-- Harper plays to Quebec divide with attack on the arts
Sept. 25-- Conservative war room sees no benefit in Harper addressing UN
Sept. 25-- Time to suspend the Canadian election until it gets as interesting as the U.S. race
Sept. 25-- NDP would cap credit-card interest rates: Layton
Sept. 25-- Canadian economy will be fine, Harper asserts
Sept. 25-- Dion to Harper: 'It's the economy, Stephen'
Sept. 25-- Chipping away at the Bloc
Sept. 24-- Liberals being squeezed out by Tories, NDP
Sept. 24-- Harper crime plan delivers 'young flesh' to prison pedophiles: Duceppe
Sept. 24-- Layton vows he would scrap softwood lumber deal
Sept. 24-- This time around the NDP plays the centre
Sept. 24-- Ad Watch: Layton takes the high road ... with his pants
Sept. 24-- Tories set sights on surging NDP in B.C.
Sept. 24-- Kelly McParland: Liberal muzzle on Krieber looks a lot like muzzle on Cadman
Sept. 24-- Kevin Libin: Liberals eye military budget to fund campaign pledges
Sept. 24-- John Ivison: Mintz says Liberal plans 'like introducing a large, new tax'
Sept. 24-- L. Ian MacDonald: Dion offers change to a country clutching at stability
Sept. 24-- NDP leader attacks Liberals’ carbon-tax plan
Sept. 24-- Covering the election on one tank of gas
Sept. 23-- This time around the NDP plays the centre
Sept. 23-- First pot, now nudity: NDP loses another candidate
Sept. 23-- Steve Murray's promise patrol
Sept. 23-- Another election apology -- this one from the Liberal camp
Sept. 23-- Make jail time only option for serious crimes, Harper pledges
Sept. 23-- Liberals close their eyes and hope a platform flickers to life
Sept. 23-- Quebec pop star attacks Anglos for cuts to culture
Sept. 23-- And the Liberals bring you -- Jack Layton, Prime Minister
Sept. 23-- Tories get tough on crime as opponents pan arts record
Sept. 23-- NDP posts video of 'Absent Liberals'
Sept. 23-- Editorial Board Round Table: Young Canadian criminals
Sept. 23-- Canadian politicians not rocking the vote
Sept. 22-- Tories get tough on youth crime while Liberals unveil platform
Sept. 22-- NDP wants to renegotiate NAFTA labour and environmental standards
Sept. 22-- John Ivison: New Liberal platform is a pipedream
Sept. 22-- Tories would name convicted young offenders, PM says
Sept. 22-- The Insiders: Campaign veteran has Harper's ear
Sept. 22-- Entering Week 3 amid growing voter apathy

Toronto Star

Sept. 28-- Medicare takes a back seat
Sept. 28-- How to fix the Green Shift
Sept. 28-- Harper blasts Dion over recession talk
Sept. 28-- Harper's high school reunion speech a paean to Canada
Sept. 28-- Dion blasts NDP's 'job killing' plan
Sept. 28-- 'It's crunch time,' Ignatieff warns NDP, Greens
Sept. 28-- Layton takes aim at poverty
Sept. 28-- He's no longer Stephen who? at alma mater
Sept. 28-- Inside the political debate
Sept. 28-- NDP to pledge $400/month child benefit
Sept. 28-- Harper may be many things but he's not 'mean-spirited'
Sept. 28-- Green Shift shuffle
Sept. 27-- May denies reports she supports strategic voting
Sept. 27-- Harper makes appearance at high-school reunion
Sept. 27-- Dion shouldn't criticize Tories over economy, Harper says
Sept. 27-- Choice is NDP or Tories, Layton argues
Sept. 27-- Ignatieff makes pitch to NDP, Green supporters
Sept. 27-- Dion promises help for Ontario's economy
Sept. 27-- NDP surge in cities as Liberals languish: Poll
Sept. 27-- Harper edges closer to majority
Sept. 27-- The issue: Climate change
Sept. 27-- The exchange: Week 3 of election campaign
Sept. 27-- The low-carbon diet
Sept. 27-- The green shift: Buyer beware
Sept. 27-- Tory candidates tight-lipped
Sept. 27-- Liberals ditch candidate for 9/11 remark
Sept. 27-- NDP dream scenario a Liberal nightmare
Sept. 27-- Quebec again the front line in potentially critical election
Sept. 27-- Heavy weather for Dion
Sept. 26-- Dion drops candidate over 9/11 remarks
Sept. 26-- Duceppe vows to seek new mandate as Bloc leader
Sept. 26-- Protesters greet Harper in Etobicoke
Sept. 26-- Tories maintain lead, poll shows
Sept. 26-- Layton unveils "Catastrophic Drug Transfer" in B.C.
Sept. 26-- 'Shame on Harper' for recession accusations: Dion
Sept. 26-- Harper accuses Liberals of rooting for recession
Sept. 26-- Culture ministers want $45M restored to arts
Sept. 26-- Don't trust Conservatives on economy, Dion says
Sept. 26-- Khadr must face trial: Harper
Sept. 26-- Environment groups muzzled, May says
Sept. 26-- Candidate sorry about immigrant remarks
Sept. 26-- Dion attacks PM on economy
Sept. 26-- PM targets spam, gouging
Sept. 26-- Bloc support grows as Harper slips in Quebec
Sept. 26-- Seeking the animal vote
Sept. 26-- Tory candidate Cadman has kept a low profile
Sept. 26-- 'Threats' force PM to campaign under high level of security
Sept. 26-- Harper's passive, fearful Canada
Sept. 26-- Youth offender plan rides wave of fear
Sept. 26-- Nationalism card isn't the ace it once was
Sept. 25-- Harper an 'economic incompetent,' Dion charges
Sept. 25-- PM pledges Internet, gas pump protection
Sept. 25-- Duceppe stands by 'fresh meat' comment
Sept. 25-- Canada needs consumer watchdog, Layton says
Sept. 25-- Bloc rebound hurts Tories in Quebec: Poll
Sept. 25-- Economy in election spotlight
Sept. 25-- Elizabeth May meets with Star editorial board
Sept. 25-- NDP candidate apologizes for U.S. war-resisters rant
Sept. 25-- Women's groups accuse Tories of anti-abortion agenda
Sept. 25-- Harper a man who 'lives in a bubble'
Sept. 25-- May urges strategic voting
Sept. 25-- Dion downplays insider's criticism
Sept. 25-- Trade office pledge wins Harper praise
Sept. 25-- Dion, Duceppe denounce Tories' teen crime moves
Sept. 25-- Rail sparks fly across 3 ridings
Sept. 25-- Duelling election planks
Sept. 25-- Liberals leaning on Trudeau again
Sept. 25-- Harper says he'd respect provinces' jurisdiction
Sept. 25-- Actors, premier decry cuts
Sept. 25-- Cultural wars a rumour no longer
Sept. 25-- Harper's goal a right-wing Canada
Sept. 25-- Rural ridings deserted by Liberals
Sept. 25-- A call to arms against governing elites
Sept. 25-- Ontario just can't afford more of Stephen Harper
Sept. 24-- Coalition scenario rickety
Sept. 24-- Province tunes out premier's crusade
Sept. 24-- Vladimir Ilyich Harper
Sept. 24-- Will Canadian leaders keep promise to world's children?
Sept. 24-- Deficit of debate on economy
Sept. 24-- Top court, not PM, calls the tune
Sept. 24-- Tories courting Quebec nationalists
Sept. 24-- Nuclear chief resigns
Sept. 24-- Hot race
Sept. 24-- The GTA's political animals
Sept. 24-- Red eyes on the Green train
Sept. 24-- NDP-Liberal coalition a danger, PM warns
Sept. 24-- Lack of cash clouds plans
Sept. 24-- Protester challenges Flaherty
Sept. 24-- Immigrant job limit proposal worries province
Sept. 24-- Greens, NDP tied as voters' 2nd choice: Poll
Sept. 24-- Layton attacks Harper over forestry, food
Sept. 24-- Premier defends arts funding
Sept. 24-- Liberals pledge funds for security measures
Sept. 24-- PM pledges stiff fines for polluters
Sept. 24-- Actors blast PM's 'arts-not-for-regular-folk' stance
Sept. 24-- Duceppe to Harper: Teens will be 'fresh meat' to sex predators
Sept. 24-- Ordinary folks don't care about arts: Harper
Sept. 23-- Harper rejects 'ivory tower' criticism of crime proposals
Sept. 23-- Reveal climate plan costs, Dion tells Tories
Sept. 23-- McGuinty misleading voters, Tory says
Sept. 23-- Poll: Liberals inching up, but Tories maintain lead
Sept. 23-- Business group calls for tax cuts, warmer U.S. relations
Sept. 23-- Layton vows to return arts funding
Sept. 23-- Harper crime plan costly, ineffective, illegal: Critics
Sept. 23-- NDP candidate resigns over naked swim
Sept. 23-- Toronto, Montreal mayors make pitch for money
Sept. 23-- It will all add up, Liberals insist
Sept. 23-- Layton open to alliance
Sept. 23-- 'Making history,' May asserts
Sept. 23-- PM mum on Wall Street
Sept. 23-- Premier sounds equalization alarm
Sept. 23-- Is Dion's spouse muzzled?
Sept. 23-- Liberals playing yesterday's politics
Sept. 23-- Tories push 'Alberta Agenda'
Sept. 23-- 'Everything you've done in your life is public'
Sept. 22-- Liberal platform vows tax cuts, balanced budget
Sept. 22-- PM vows to name youth criminals
Sept. 22-- Poll gives Tories 15-point lead
Sept. 22-- Demand more for Ontario, McGuinty tells voters
Sept. 22-- Layton opens coalition door
Sept. 22-- Tory campaign takes new hit
Sept. 22-- Tory candidate had real estate licence suspended
Sept. 22-- Liberals promise to roll back tax on income trusts
Sept. 22-- United they stand, ready to fall
Sept. 22-- Greens make first stop on train tour
Sept. 22-- Greens plan rallies in middle of night
Sept. 22-- Layton promises urban gun control
Sept. 22-- Liberals unveil spending details
Sept. 22-- Layton lays into Harper in Conservative heartland
Sept. 22-- PM to refocus on leadership after Tory campaign hits bumps
Sept. 22-- Canada missing out on open access momentum
Sept. 22-- Liberals' accidental leader quickly running out of time

Vancouver Sun

Sept. 28-- Grits 'risky'; Tories 'unfeeling': poll
Sept. 28-- Dion fights to keep Grit votes from drifting to NDP
Sept. 26-- Layton announces $4.5B pharmacare plan
Sept. 26-- NDP candidate calls for oilsands shutdown
Sept. 25-- NDP won't tax carbon, will cap credit-card interest rates: Layton
Sept. 25-- A banner day for Harper
Sept. 25-- Industry blasts NDP softwood plans
Sept. 24-- Harper trains guns on NDP in B.C.
Sept. 24-- 'Nude Democrat' latest casualty
Sept. 23-- British Columbians prefer Obama... for prime minister
Sept. 23-- Dion tours TV set for 'Harper' horror series

Vancouver Province

Sept. 28-- Environmentalists call for strategic voting to defeat Harper
Sept. 27-- Michael Smyth: Campbell won't attack federal politicians, unless it's Jack Layton
Sept. 26-- Layton pledges $1B to help families with prescription drugs
Sept. 26-- U.S. storm poised to beat up B.C., too
Sept. 25-- Harper unveils new consumer protection plan
Sept. 24-- Where's Dona?
Sept. 24-- Nudity not a full-frontal issue, says NDPer
Sept. 24-- Harper vows to get tough on polluters in Vancouver speech
Sept. 23-- Harper tells Surrey crowd no house arrest for robbery, weapons offences and drug trafficking
Sept. 23-- NDP candidate West quits over skinny-dipping brouhaha
Sept. 23-- No double carbon tax, promises Dion in B.C. speech
Sept. 23-- Women do battle again in Quadra
Sept. 22-- NDP candidate still sorry about nudity

The Podunkian Archives

Sept. 28-- 58 pages of policy, but still one key issue seems to dominate for the Christian Heritage Party
Sept. 28-- How can she ever be our “Go To person” if she won’t even come to see us?
Sept. 28-- Signs, Signs everywhere a sign?
Sept. 26-- Maybe it would be best if you didn’t vote for us!
Sept 24-- Sharing the same hymn book in Skeena-Bulkley Valley!

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