Sunday, April 18, 2010

So, anything happen while I was away?

The more faithful of reader of the blog will have noticed a lack of original material in the last ten days or so, we took a little sabbatical from the Chronicles of Podunk for a bit, tied in nicely with a trip away from our little corner of the province.

But alas all good times must come to an end and here we are, slightly refreshed and trying to catch up on what seems like a rather hectic bit of activity in the news cycle of Podunk over the last ten days.

As we ease our way back into our blogging routine we'll endeavour to get up to speed on the many developments, provide some archival material from the daily Podunk Masthead sessions and offer up our look at the events of our absence.

We Thank those that took the time to inquire on the mail server as to the nature of our disappearance, always nice to be noticed and as things turned out a little missed. Hopefully we'll get back ino the swing of things quickly and offer up some noteworthy items for our more dedicated readers.

It may take a few days to get things back into a groove, but we'll endeavour to be on track of events sooner rather than later.

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