Monday, April 19, 2010

BC Ferries considers more enhanced security for sailings

"Things change all the time, whether you have turnstiles or how you ticket people ... People will adjust." -- BC Ferries Chairman David Hahn, preparing customers for the possibilty of airport style baggage security on the BC Ferries fleet.

It's not on the immediate horizon, but it appears that sooner rather than later things are going to change when you board a BC Ferry.

The Ferry Corporation is currently studying the possibility of introducing airport style baggage handling onboard some of its more popular routes, partly as a nod towards enhanced security for the fleet and also as a way of detracting from those that are using the Ferries as a cheap as in free, alternative to regular courier and parcel service.

The Globe and Mail, having acquired internal documents regarding the study outlined some of the key points of what may be in the future for ferry users, possibly as soon as 2012.

The moves, which would include the use of scanners, printers and wireless systems to track baggage could help BC Ferries meet increased security procedures mandated by Transport Canada.

 Mr. Hahn cautioned that all of their discussions are very much in the preliminary phase and what is recommended today could be changed by the time to implement any enhanced security plans come around.

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