Monday, April 05, 2010

It's the economy Monday, March 5, 2010)

Ready for par, The Greek citizens have their own bailout plans and delaying a financial High Noon with China, some of the itmes of interest for Monday.

Globe and Mail-- As loonie nears parity, firms scramble to hedge bets
Globe and Mail-- Reality, and a baseball bat, put a dent in iPad hype
Globe and Mail-- Why the Canadian dollar is expected to reach parity any day now
National Post-- Solving the mystery of rising oil prices
National Post-- Loonie's march towards parity reflects economy's strength
National Post-- Teachers continues shopping spree with Exal buy
New York Times-- Strong Ties With India Goal of Trip by Geithner
New York Times-- Financial Crisis Inquiry Wrestles With Setbacks
New York Times-- Making Financial Reform Fool-Resistant
USA Today-- Water bills go up in down economy as usage drops
USA Today-- Toyota faces record $16.4M fine in gas pedal recall
Guardian UK online-- Rescuing economics from its own crisis
Guardian UK online-- Unilever boss slams short-term profit mentality
Guardian UK online-- Conservatives attempt to water down bribery bill under CBI pressure
Times online UK-- Germany must save less and consume more
Times online UK-- George Soros backs Oxford to refresh economics
Telegraph online UK-- Energy security is not a luxury but a necessity in a dangerous world
Telegraph online UK-- Greek banks hit by wealthy citizens moving their money offshore
Telegraph online UK-- IMF targets banks with 'excess profits tax'
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Rio employees to appeal jailing
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Funtastic sues over Bratz dolls
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- 'Boycott Australian iron ore' - China
People's Daily-- China takes gradual approach to financial liberalization
People's Daily-- US delays yuan report "to prevent showdown"
China Daily-- Chinese graduates not well enough prepared for work: survey
China Daily-- Collapse predicted, welcomed as housing prices continue to skyrocket
Times of India-- India Inc's M&As touch $19bn in 2010
Times of India-- 'India is an interesting place for doing business'

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