Thursday, April 22, 2010

From files of the Prince Rupert Detachment -- April 19, 2010

If for no other reason that there doesn't seem to be an archive of the weekly reports from the constabulary, we'll offer up a home for the weekly crime reports issued by the RCMP in Prince Rupert. A collection of misdeeds and misdirections offering a snapshot of the week that was for the local detachment.

These weekly reports area actually quite well written and entertaining, considering what could potentially be the dry, mind numbing recitation of break ins and such that plague the community from time to time..


From the files of the Prince Rupert Detachment a review of some of 193 calls for service for the week of April 12th- April 18th, 2010

Tips have been coming in throughout the week in regards to the three attempted abductions. Officers have followed up on all of them and are pursuing a variety of investigative techniques to locate suspect(s) and vehicle(s). The investigation is still on-going.

Officers attended a residence just after midnight for a noise complaint. The complainant stated the same song had been loudly emanating from the home since about 5 pm that evening. Talk about having a song stuck in your head! No one answered the door, so in the interest of public sanity, I mean safety the police entered the residence through an open window to check the well being of occupants and to turn off the music.

Police attended 10 noise complaints this week. With the sun showing its face and the days getting longer make sure to keep an eye on your music level. You can be ticketed by by-law or RCMP for noise at any time during the day.

A female driver was stopped by police down by the waterfront and when the officer approached the driver side door he could smell marijuana. Police checks revealed that the driver had already been charged with driving under the influence of drugs and her license had been suspended. She must have forgotten; marijuana can cause short term memory loss. The driver was charged with driving while disqualified. It will be a while before she gets her license back, no guarantee that that she will remember that fact.

A concerned neighbor called police after hearing thumping noises coming from the basement suite below. The neighbor yelled at the people as they were leaving the residence and was told by the two individuals that they knew the owner. Knowing someone does not give you the right to enter their home. Home owners and renters make sure that all doors and windows of residences are secure. A broken window or insecure door can be viewed like an open invitation for some criminals to “come on in”.

Several calls came in about a male kicking vehicles and smashing windows downtown on Monday morning. The male was located by an officer and arrested for mischief. The male was known to police and was transported to the hospital for a medical assessment and kept overnight. No charges were laid as it was determined the male could not understand the consequences of his actions due to his mental illness.

Two native art prints were stolen from the Northwest College library. Too many noses might have been in the books when this occurred. Please contact RCMP if you have any information about this crime.

At 1:30 am a police officer observed a young male outside a residence yelling at people down the street. Checks revealed some of the teenager's conditions are not to consume alcohol, not to be in Prince Rupert, be in his residence by 9 pm and keep the peace and be of good behaviour, 0 for 5. The youth was arrested on 9 counts of breaching conditions and probation. The courts are already waiting to deal with his 17 other breaches and 1 assault charge. ...You can stop shaking your head now and maybe go give your own teenager a big hug.

Three flat screen TVs were stolen from Zellers' loading bay on Thursday around lunchtime. Evidence was seized for fingerprints and all serial numbers have been added to the system. It is a criminal offense to be in possession of stolen property and depending on the value of the stolen items, can earn you up to10 years in jail.

Police were called when a male found a female passed out in his vehicle. The female was not responding to the officer and it took some time to rouse her awake. Upon searching the female, many ecstacy tablets were located. The female was arrested for possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking and transported to the hospital. Ecstasy (methylenedioxymethamphetamine, a.k.a. MDMA) is a drug with both stimulant and hallucinogenic qualities. It is sold mostly as a round tablet and can be any colour. The tablets often have a stamp or impression on them of a symbol, letter or number i.e. butterflies, stars, 4 leaf clovers, smiley faces, product logos. This one time urban rave drug can now be found in almost any community.

Please contact Prince Rupert RCMP at 250-624-2136 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS if you have any information on any crime. You can now also send an anonymous tip online at

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