Friday, April 23, 2010

It's the economy (Friday, April 23, 2010)

A payback that isn't all it seems, Greece hits the alarm button and overcapacity proves costly for Cosco, some of the items of interest from Friday's financial findings.

Globe and Mail-- Greece buys time with bailout
Globe and Mail-- GM ads and the underlying truth
Globe and Mail-- Bombardier’s increasingly crowded skies
National Post-- Canada wins on world stage as bank tax shunned
National Post-- Canada climbs ranks of world's top companies
National Post-- Brazil is overheating
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. businesses told to turn Olympic exposure into opportunity
Vancouver Sun-- Taking stock of a challenging ski season
New York Times-- Greece, Out of Ideas, Requests Global Aid
New York Times-- G-20 Split on the Need for a Global Tax on Banks
USA Today-- FDIC shuts down 4 more banks for a total of 54 failures this year
USA Today-- G-20 finance officials see gains threatened by Greece
Guardian UK online-- Greece activates €45bn EU/IMF loans
Guardian UK online-- UK economy grew half as fast as expected in first quarter
Guardian UK online-- City bonuses forecast to rise to £6.8bn
Times on line UK-- Analysis: not much of a help to Gordon Brown
Times on line UK-- Gordon Brown warns of 'double-dip recession' as economy falters
Telegraph UK online-- It's all Greek to me
Telegraph UK online-- BP's reputation at risk after oil rig explosion
Telegraph UK online-- General Election 2010: how should David Cameron win the debate on the economy?
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Office outlook glowing
Melbourne Herald Sun-- HIA says skills shortage could constrain building of new homes
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Thousands of unskilled jobs available in WA, study shows
People's Daily-- China creates 2.89 mln new jobs in Q1
People's Daily-- CASS predicts China's economy to grow 9.9 percent in 2010
China Daily-- Bumpy road ahead for exports
China Daily-- China Cosco posts annual loss on overcapacity, shipping rates
Times of India-- World recovery is still fragile: IMF
Times of India-- Ready to face any scrutiny: Raja

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