Thursday, April 29, 2010

Apple's heavy handed approach to Gizmodo stirs the backlash

The recent moves by Apple to repatriate their prototype iPhone have provided for some less than helpful publicity about the company's rather draconian approach to copyright and technological protection.

Much has been reported now of the recent raid by San Francisco area police at the home of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen, a raid which went all Jack Bauer in approach as officials seized computers and other gadgets, seeking to learn how Chen came upon the next gen of Apple products.

Chen had posted on his Gizmodo site and online narrative of the product  allowing the truly devoted of the Apple class to learn more about their Holy Grail, since that review was posted however things have gone a little strange for Chen as he outlined further in subsequent Gizmodo updates.

As is the case in the competitive world of the techno geeks, rival websites like CNet and Endgadget are making much of all the excitement over the missing phone, how it was retrieved and where the story may go from here.

Frankly, its all too much inside techno geek baseball for our poor little head, so we'll turn it all over to the one man who can make sense of it all for us and point the fingers in the proper direction!

Comedy Central's John Stewart offered up the best reply to the ongoing drama, check out the April 28th program opening which makes it all so clear.

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