Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's the economy (Wednesday, April 28, 2010)

Financial ebola, pay by phone gets a whole new meaning and Australia delays its environmental plans, some of the items of interest for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- S & P cuts Spain rating, crisis widens
Globe and Mail-- Greece needs up to €120-billion
Globe and Mail-- Toyota to recall about 50,000 Sequoia SUVs
National Post-- Greek crisis is spreading 'like Ebola': OECD
National Post-- Home price gains slow in February
National Post-- Dates to watch for Greece and the Euro
New York Times-- Spain’s Debt Rating Cut as Finance Officials Meet
New York Times-- Cash, Check or Charge? How About Cellphone?
USA Today-- Dunkin' Donuts returns to Russia after '99 retreat
USA Today-- Goldman CEO: 'I don't think our clients care' we're short;
Guardian UK online-- European markets fluctuate as financial turmoil spreads to Spain
Guardian UK online-- Election is ignoring the dysfunctional banking system
Guardian UK online-- Shell profits surge 60% as oil prices rise
Times online UK-- Spain downgrade sparks European sell-off
Times online UK-- Greek tragedy may not play in Spain
Telegraph UK online-- Goldman Sachs answers? Leave it to Lloyd Blankfein
Telegraph UK online-- 'The pound makes Britain immune from the Greek crisis? Nothing could be further from the truth'
Telegraph UK online-- Greek financial crisis could hit Britain, warn economists
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Rudd warns on Europe as markets slide
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Relief, anger over ETS
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Rising prices put pressure on rates
People's Daily-- Rural laborers find work in the capital
People's Daily-- Economic cooperation across Taiwan Strait gains momentum: official
China Daily-- Foreign trade rebound still fragile: ministry
China Daily-- Realty curbs will not pinch growth
Times of India-- Infrastructure sector grows 7.2% in March
Times of India-- Panel to help with public expenditure

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