Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's the economy (Wednesday, April 21, 2010)

GM pays back the billions, luncheon specials and discounts rule in the US and a costly volcanic eruption, some of the economic findings of a Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- EnCana sees ‘storm clouds coming'
Globe and Mail-- Canada rejects IMF bank tax plan
Globe and Mail-- GM repays $8.1-billion in loans to Canada, U.S.
National Post-- Improving economy squeezes truck driver supply
National Post-- Treasury says GM on firm path to viability
National Post-- Telus shares downgraded on valuation
New York Times-- France Readies Cash as Greek Talks Begin
New York Times-- In Wake of Ash Crisis, E.U. to Hasten Plan to Merge Airspace
USA Today-- GM repaid loan, CEO makes rounds today to say thanks (and make sure we all know)
USA Today-- Retailers, restaurants offer deals as more of us pinch pennies
Guardian UK online-- Western economies too weak for spending cuts, IMF warns
Guardian UK online-- Fury as Ryanair refuses to pay stranded passengers' costs
Guardian UK online-- Unemployment breaks through 2.5 million
Times on line UK-- Volcanic ash cloud costs airlines $1.7 billion
Times on line UK-- Greece in rescue talks with Europe and the IMF
Telegraph UK online-- IMF cuts UK growth forecast for 2011
Telegraph UK online-- IMF and Bundesbank fear contagion from Greece as bond spreads soar to fresh records
Telegraph UK online-- West confines itself to economic slow-lane
Melbourne Herald Sun-- More jobs for skilled workers
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Australia Post to deliver more
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- BHP uncovers possible staff corruption
People's Daily-- World Bank: China could cut 55% of its carbon emissions by 2020
People's Daily-- HK's jobless rate falls to 4.4%
China Daily-- China Asset Management predicts 'gentle tightening'
China Daily-- Government to punish property price manipulation
Times of India-- India will take EU to WTO on generics seizure
Times of India-- India to benefit from stronger yuan: RBI

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