Saturday, April 03, 2010

Alpine Residents and the battle for Bob the Wonder Pug!

Despite manufacturer's claims that the stick's carbon fibre shaft allowed for accelerated recoil and energy transfer, the Sherwood failed to have the desired effect on the seasoned predator. The animal merely trotted off with the pug in its jaws. -- From a CBC News account of the tribulations of Prince Rupert's Bob the wonder Pug.

Every dog has his day and for a Prince Rupert pug, Thursday apparently was that day, as April Fools Day (always a day that can leave one a skeptic) gave the internet news aggregators cause to recount tales of  Bob the Wonder Pug and his near death encounter with a Prince Rupert wolf sometime over the last few days.

From the Vancouver Sun to the CBC every step of the drama was recounted, from neighbours attempting to rescue the dog from the jowls of the wolf, to his eventual safe retrieval and removal from the dining list of the wolf's evening plans.The events that played out on the west side brought Alpine Drive residents together in a bid to keep Bob from the clutches and digestive system of the wolf with ill intentions.

What was the key to Bob's salvation you might ask?

Portliness, as it seems that his current weight level proved to be too much of a bite for the wolf to attempt, slowing down the predator/prey time line and resulting the eventual surrender of his prey in order to slink off into the woods to revisit the whole meal planning agenda.

Considering the current state of Bob's celebrity, perhaps an agent might be of interest to his story, we see a series of novels, movie of the week and maybe even a tv show in the future but no dinner theatre, especially if Bob is the object of dinner and not the subject of it.

Vancouver Sun-- Pug survives Prince Rupert wolf attack
CBC-- B.C. pug's pudginess thwarts wolf
Victoria Times Colonist-- Plucky Prince Rupert pug survives wolf attack

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Joe Scott said...

I liked your take on the story. Bob was saved by a concerned new mother, her husband and good neighbors. I was at the house but did not see the wolf and was no help in the chase. I could hear the gang hollering as they went through a steep forested area and luckily retrieved Bob after throwing sticks and rock at the wolf. My wife and I were keeping an eye on our grandson, Arlen, age 6, who had heard his mother yelling out and was concerned about her. He did not know at the time that his pug, Bob, had been taken by the wolf.