Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It's the economy (Wednesday, April 7, 2010)

But what about the other 30 percent Al, Vancouver to lead the way for Canada and Gordon Brown's weak spot, some of the items of interest for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- Alan Greenspan at the Fed: ‘I was right 70% of the time'
Globe and Mail-- Canada's growth to lead G7: OECD
Globe and Mail-- Another brutal day for Greece
National Post-- Vancouver to lead economic growth in 2010
National Post-- Three options for Greece
National Post-- Parity time in Hawaii
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver to lead economic growth in 2010
New York Times-- Greenspan Rejects Criticism of Policies at Hearing
New York Times-- Bernanke Says U.S. Must Choose a Fiscal Path
New York Times-- Debt Rising in Europe
USA Today-- Bernanke: Economy is growing but we aren't out of the woods yet
USA Today-- Geithner to visit Beijing amid currency dispute
Guardian UK online-- Blame Europe, former Federal Reserve boss tells US inquiry into financial crisis
Guardian UK online-- Goldman Sachs denies 'betting against clients'
Guardian Uk online-- Britain's economic recovery set to outstrip Japan, US and Germany
Times on line-- Economy must be handled with care
Times on line-- Tories accuse Gordon Brown of 'declaring war' on business
Telegraph UK online-- Fed boss Greenspan says no one saw the crisis coming. Really?
Telegraph UK online-- Petrol prices have reached a tipping point, so it's arrivederci to the Punto
Telegraph UK online-- General Election 2010: Record on economy is Gordon Brown's Achilles heel
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Fuel bill woe for airlines
Melbourne Herald Sun-- This is the boom behind the rate rise
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Australian Agricultural Co in turmoil as chairman quits
People's Daily-- Strong medicine is not the best economic remedy
People's Daily-- China to introduce resource tax at "proper" time: ministry
China Daily-- Chinese enterprises encouraged to set co-op zones in ASEAN
China Daily-- Geithner's report delay will pay dividends
Times of India-- Corporate fraud rising in India: KPMG
Times of India-- India, US launch financial partnership forum

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