Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Car Crashin' cops in Terrace

The cars are bashin' and crashin' like a NASCAR derby in Terrace these days, as the Northwest plays host to a national test session on accident reconstruction.

Thirty-five Forensic Crash Reconstruction Specialists from across Canada have arrived at the Terrace airport to examine the dynamics of crashes where vehicles roll and tumble making for some spectacular crashes in a controlled environment.

Officers in Collision Reconstructions from as far as St. Johns, Newfoundland have come to British Columbia to participate in the week of testing in the city, while automotive engineers from across Canada are also in attendance to assist in establishing the test requirements and the analysis of the highly specialized data collected.

Community partners in Terrace have provided their assistance to the North District Traffic Services, with everything from specialized platforms being constructed in the city to towing services provided for the week long festival of crash.

 When all is done by Friday, officials hope to have crashed and evaluated thirty two different vehicle crashes in a variety of scenarios, hoping to gain a better understanding of  the science of crash scene investigation.

 The RCMP website for British Columbia features a video offering from the Terrace airport which should provide the long distance rubber neckers an opportunity to get a better understanding of the dangers of speed and what perils exist on the nations roadways.

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