Monday, April 26, 2010

It's the economy (Monday, April 26, 2010)

Lumber sees positives in the West, iPad knockoffs appear in China and Greek worries rattle Europe, some of the items of interest on Monday's economic trail.

Globe and Mail-- Ottawa revises growth forecasts upward
Globe and Mail-- West Fraser sees light at end of tunnel
Globe and Mail-- Jazz Air invests in South American airline
National Post-- CN bets recovery is picking up steam
National Post-- Knock-off iPads already on Shenzhen shelves
National Post-- Tourists stranded as Greek sailors protest reforms
New York Times-- Wind Project to Have Big Impact on Industry
New York Times-- Confidence in Greek Debt Sinks Again
New York Times-- Berating the Raters
USA Today-- Economists say recovery looks stronger than expected
USA Today-- U.S. newspaper circulation down 8.7% in latest survey
Guardian UK online-- UK Coal puts merger plans on hold
Guardian UK online-- Standard Chartered warns of bubble in emerging markets
Guardian UK online-- Markets tremble as Angela Merkel plays for time over Greece rescue deal
Times on line -- Germany and France warn Greece to cut deeper to ensure debt support
Times on line-- Liquidity surge threatens Asia credit crunch
Telegraph UK online-- BP oil disaster: banks should learn a thing or two in handling a crisis
Telegraph UK online-- General Election 2010: A conspiracy of silence
Telegraph UK online-- Goldman boss Lloyd Blankfein admits bank should listen to public opinion
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Chinese influence grows with World Bank voting change
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Toyota global sales surge 26.3 per cent, despite recalls
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Budget 'won't be like Howard's', says Wayne Swan
People's Daily-- Chinese job fair in US tries to woo talent
People's Daily-- China gains clout in World Bank vote shift
China Daily-- Is it too late to enter China market?
China Daily-- Nuclear power project kicks off in Hainan
Times of India-- India gets more power at WB
Times of India-- India Inc's Million-Dollar Executives

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