Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's the economy (Thursday, April 29, 2010)

Mr. Carney's the pin-up boy of financials, Shock waves in Europe over Greece and Icebergs ahead says Dr. Doom, some of the items of intrigue in today's financial news.

Globe and Mail-- Mark Carney among Time’s ‘most influential’ people
Globe and Mail-- Greek crisis endangers private sector
Globe and Mail-- Canada offering $550-million for new border bridge: Michigan
National Post-- Harper to push on for global financial reform
National Post-- Can Greece cut its deficit by 10 points in two years?
National Post-- Fiscal restraint will be a 'major drag' in 2011: CIBC
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver Airport Authority chairman Graham Clarke steps down after 18 years
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. Liberals' energy vision sees consumers cut back
New York Times-- Euro Rises After I.M.F. Increases Aid Pledge to Greece
New York Times-- Can Europe Save Itself?
USA Today-- Got milk? Only if it comes from a cow, group argues
USA Today-- Obama selects Janet Yellen for No. 2 at Federal Reserve
Guardian UK online-- Greek debt crisis: Europe feels shockwaves as bailout falters
Guardian UK online-- Santander boss dismisses fears of debt crisis in Spain
Guardian UK online-- Mervyn King warned that election victor will be out of power for a generation, claims economist
Times on line UK-- We’ll help you solve debt crisis, President Sarkozy tells Greece
Times on line UK-- Oil spill off US coast is worse than we thought, BP admits
Telegraph UK online-- Spain isn't Greece, Portugal isn't Ireland; where does that leave Britain?
Telegraph UK online-- David Cameron needs to hit Gordon Brown's record where it hurts: jobs, jobs, jobs
Telegraph UK online-- Greece is just the 'tip of the iceberg', Nouriel Roubini warns
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Exports up but farmers wary
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Sunrise gas tipped to bypass Darwin
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Darwin misses out on $5bn Woodside gas project
People's Daily-- China to strengthen financial support for recycling economy
People's Daily-- Ministries to inspect on overseas project contracting
China Daily-- Starbucks to take China by storm with instant coffee
China Daily-- Trade measures signal more active response
Times of India-- Food inflation falls to 16.61%
Times of India-- Finance minister gives debt relief to coffee growers, tax relief to others

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