Monday, February 08, 2010

NaiKun's president is ready for his close up

Paul Taylor, the President and CEO of NaiKun wind energy will be taking his tale of progress on the much anticipated off shore wind power project to the world of business television on Tuesday.

In a press release as part of their quarterly update to investors, Taylor advised those with an interest in the project that he will be appearing on the Business News Network Tuesday morning at 7:50 AM Pacific Time, with plans to provide a status report on the project and what moves may come next with it. For those inclined to channel surf for it, BNN is available on Satellite channel 504 on Shaw Direct, 508 on Bell ExpressVu and on CityWest's Digital Channel 73.

In the report, Taylor provided a thumbnail sketch of the steps so far in the pursuit of wind power on the North coast, including their bid to be one of BC Hydro's Clean Power Call providers, a decision of which has now been delayed until March 31st at the request of the Hydro Corporation. At that time it is anticipated that contract awards will be announced, a move which could provide a major boost to the expectations of Nai Kun's plans for the Northwest.

The company touches on their recent status as having received an Environmental Assessment Certificate, a status which they suggest puts them ahead of a good number of the 47 other Clean Power Call participants in the province.

The pending partnership with the Haida was also addressed, a joint venture which would see the Haida Nation take on a 40 per cent ownership stake in the project. However, the Haida's participation has yet to be voted on by nation members, with a number of public meetings still to be held before that plan moves forward.

All of their efforts are to position themselves to be awarded an Electricity Purchase Agreement from BC Hydro, a key element to the project which would move the project ahead in its progress.

Once they have that step in place, NaiKun Wind says it would then move quickly to finalize arrangements with project co-owners, sign supplier agreements, finalize project permits and procure project financing.

While they wait for the various pieces of their project to come together, the best approach it seems is a public relations press, which seems to be well underway with press releases and television appearances to help get the NaiKun message out to the public and we suspect more importantly to the investors.

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