Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's the economy (Thursday, February 11, 2010)

Throwing Greece a lifeline, maybe New Jersey needs Tony Soprano in charge of finances and Rio Tinto offers some hope for commodities, some of the items from the Thursday news review.

Globe and Mail-- With rescue of Greece, Europe veers down a new path
Globe and Mail-- The rush begins to steal a piece of MLS action
Globe and Mail-- Cenovus ramps up oil sands development
National Post-- N.J. governor declares fiscal emergency as deficit soars
National Post-- Stimulating our way into debt crises
National Post-- Greece 'canary in coal mine'
Vancouver Sun-- Shuttered mills won't start up soon, Canfor chief says
New York Times-- With Greece’s Woes, Nations Rethink Push Into Euro Zone
New York Times-- Republicans and Medicare
USA Today-- Toyota to expand disclosure to win back trust
USA Today-- Obama report: 95,000 jobs to come each month
Guardian UK online-- Rio Tinto results fuel hope of new commodities boom
Guardian UK online-- EU leaders reach Greek bailout deal
Times online-- EU leaders fail to impress markets with pledge over Greece
Times online-- Markets target euro as doubt swirls over Greek rescue
Telegraph UK online-- Repossession may be best, Government minister tells home owners
Telegraph UK online-- Britain isn't in the euro but there's still plenty to worry about
Telegraph UK online-- Will markets call EU bluff on Greek rescue?
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Stimulus helped save jobs, says Employment Minister Julia Gillard
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Treasury secretary Ken Henry warns of future shocks
Brisbane Times-- Pension-pinching government's crocodile tears for the ageing
Brisbane Times-- China's demand on steel industry drives prices higher

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