Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Into a digital black hole our posts seem to go

The last few days have provided for some rather frustrating blogging here on our review of the trials and tribulations of Podunk.

Blogger, our genial host, has decided to try and "improve" a few of their features, a process which is causing no shortage of troubles in providing our content as it was but a few days ago.

In a bid to improve access times to blog pages (or at least that's what the claim is) the host blog platform has introduced something called auto pagination, a process which limits the amount of blog posts to be viewed to but those of the last few days.

For instance a look at Podunk's page tonight, finds items of note from February 23 to February 17, available for reading on the blog page site. This is not a problem we understand the need for brevity (some of our past work notwithstanding) but where we're having problems is with our archived pages found at the bottom right hand side. A listing of past posts going right back to the very beginning of the blog, a handy reference for past Podunkian items of interest.

There instead of gaining access to the entire month that we click on, instead we again only seem to get the final four to five days of that month, kind of a pointless exercise if we do say so for ourselves. It's an issue that is not only affecting the visual content to the blog but the behind the scenes editing process as well, a major distraction for the fluid evolution of the blog from thought to post.

So far our efforts to find a work around for this have proven to be unsuccessful, a look through the various blogger support pages finds many, many other bloggers suddenly in the same predicament, all for the most part wondering why Blogger felt the need to fix something that seemed to be working just fine.

We're hopeful that they will discover the backlash that this is causing among their constituents and will offer up a fix to the archive problem at least, returning all those previous posts from whatever black hole they have seemingly fallen into on the Internet.

There is the opportunity to migrate to a more advanced version of Blogger which may or may not offer resolution to the problem, but with that comes the apparent danger of losing past works in some capacity. Likewise there is the option to move the blog to another platform such as Word Press or one of the other blogging platforms available, but again the process of moving some six years of blogging material seems like a project I would rather not have to spend voluminous amounts of time on.

The principle of blogging is simple, bloggers have thoughts they wish to put onto a site to spur on discussion or provide information. Only the truly dedicated seek to get into the actual program development of the blog platform, preferring instead to limit their involvement to the actual information flow.

That for the most part is why many of us have chosen Blogger, which for the most part is a very reliable and seamless method of distributing a blogger's efforts.

Hopefully, in short order this problem will resolve itself, otherwise we suspect that eventually this blog will look very different and not provide as much information from the past as we had intended it to do when we began back in 2004.

For those that find our blog and its archives useful, whether it be for research or just to settle a bar bet, we apologize for the problems at the moment, we're hopeful to find a way to resolve them soon and return to concentrating on just providing more articles and posts about those things that we find of interest.

They say that technology is our friend, but sometimes it seems our friends can wander off and do something that really, really leaves us frustrated and annoyed.

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