Monday, February 01, 2010

Hands free or hands off while driving!

British Columbia's new law on operating a vehicle and electronic items is now in effect, as of the midnight hour on Sunday, British Columbia's law enforcement officers were set to hand out tickets to those who operate a hand held cell phone or other electronic device while driving their vehicles.

Should you choose to tempt the fates today, there could be a $167 fine is on your horizon as well as a three demerit point deduction on your licence to explore for your disregard of the new law.

The province's drivers have had a one month window of warning to change their driving and electronic habits, but the period of grace is now over. British Columbia is the latest province in the country to move towards the banishment of electronic items while driving, a move that the provinces hope will reduce the number of distractions on the road and with it reduce the amount of accidents that occur on the nations highways and roadways.

Full details on the do's and don'ts, the yes and no's of cell phone and electronic device driving can be found on a website set up for the introduction of the new law.

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