Monday, February 08, 2010

It's the economy (Monday, February 8, 2010)

Rolling back the realtor's rules, Psst, wanna buy a bridge and you too can own a piece of the New York Rangers, some of the items from Monday's reviews.

Globe and Mail-- The making of a housing bubble
Globe and Mail-- Bay Street over Wall Street: Safer – and better pay
Globe and Mail-- MLS challenge could change the way houses are sold
National Post-- Olympics make for market winners
National Post-- Competition watchdog says realtor rules limit choice
National Post-- Ottawa mulls buying Windsor-Detroit Ambassador Bridge
Vancouver Sun-- Hydro offers a glimpse of the future with appliances controlled remotely through the Internet
Vancouver Sun-- Canadian potash producers reach deal in China
New York Times-- Toyota Details Recall of 2010 Prius for Brake Problems
New York Times-- The Enforcers
Guardian UK online-- Mervyn King goes dog sledding but all avoid seal meat at G7 summit in Canada Guardian UK online-- Ireland's suffering offers a glimpse of Britain's future under the Tories
Guardian UK online-- Cost of insuring European national debts hits new high
Times online-- Greek unions threaten austerity moves
Times online-- Sterling falls on fears of eurozone strife
Telegraph UK online-- Greek crisis intensifies as Joe Stiglitz calls for Europe to 'teach the speculators a lesson'
Telegraph UK online-- Ex-Fed chairman Alan Greenspan says he's 'very concerned' over fall in stock markets
Telegraph UK online-- The UK mustn't be STUPID
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Insider gets BHP iron ore job
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Avoca gold for healhty profit rise
Brisbane Times-- Celebrity daze: CEOs are not stars of sport or screen, they're just overpaid employees
Brisbane Times-- Bullying fines deliver a stern message
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- JB Hi-Fi announces record half year profit, flags change of CEO
Sydney Daily Telegraph--
Glenn Wheatley tells court his lawyer advised him to send money off shore to avoid paying tax

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