Tuesday, February 09, 2010

And the flame goes out as the games come to a close

The convoy of buses began the trek eastbound shortly after the noon hour on Sunday, inside many tired, but enthusiastic participants in Prince Rupert's BC Northern Winter Games.

As they settled in for the long journey to their hometowns, many would be bringing back medals of different colour but all would be sharing memories of a fast paced but enjoyable two and a half days on the North Coast.

For organizers it all probably went by so quickly, all that planning, the scramble to secure billets, volunteers and supplies came down to just over 60 hours of actual activities, but as they look back on their efforts they can take time to allow themselves a job well done.

Congratulations and thanks are due to the countless volunteers who gave up of their time and or their homes to ensure that the event went smoothly and that the welcome was warm.

By all accounts the weekend was a terrific success, the visitors thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the competitions were riveting some filled with much drama others with the discipline of a sport.

We've uncovered a number of reviews of the weekend past some on video, some articles of note from the local media. Take a few minutes and review the days of the BC Northern Winter Games.

Terrace Standard-- Golden Games
Terrace Standard-- Northern Games set to begin

From CFTK News, Sahar Nassimdoost provided a number of video reports on the weekend's activities.



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