Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's the economy (Wednesday, February 24, 2010)

BC's salmon farming industry finds opportunity from Chilean misery, an American view of Vancouver's Olympic financials, Greece brings out the rhetoric over its financial troubles, some of the items for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- Tories to sell two-sided budget with two-sided tale
Globe and Mail-- Greece reels amid debt crisis
Globe and Mail-- Salmon virus tilts scales in favour of British Columbia
National Post-- Big banks' credit provisions may offer clues on economy
National Post-- GM to axe Hummer after China deal falls through
National Post-- Bernanke's bittersweet rate pledge
New York Times-- Banks Bet Greece Defaults on Debt They Helped Hide
New York Times-- As India Sells Assets, Political Tensions Rise
New York Times-- A $1 Billion Hangover From an Olympic Party
USA Today-- Work-share program that cuts hours vs. jobs could grow
USA Today-- New-home sales drop to record low in January
Guardian UK online-- Global trade slumped 12% last year
Guardian UK online-- Power firms accused of profiteering from cold winter
Guardian UK online-- Iceland on track for joining EU
Times online-- World trade suffers biggest drop since 1945
Times online-- Tory government would quickly outline cuts to tackle debt
Telegraph UK online-- Pound faces a 'savage' reaction if deficit cut too aggressively, UBS warns
Telegraph UK online-- Greek rescue in danger as deputy prime minister attacks 'Nazi' Germany
Telegraph UK online-- Europe at risk of double-dip recession
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Wage moderation helps economy
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Skilled to rebuild from profit drop
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- More jobs to be axed at Pacific Brands
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Australian salary growth lowest in decade
People's Daily-- Jiangsu city charts hi-tech future
People's Daily-- HK economy to grow by 4-5% in 2011: financial chief
China Daily-- Manufacturers facing labor shortage
China Daily-- China's currency policy not to blame for trade surplus
Times of India-- Consumer goods prices rising
Times of India-- 'Stimulus rollback after assessment'

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