Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's the economy (Tuesday, February 23, 2010)

A growing need for Wal Mart Greeters, preparing for a wave of US bank failures and a world ready to default, some of the items for Tuesday.

Globe and Mail-- Ottawa closing the tap on bank support measures
Globe and Mail-- Japanese exports jump 40.9 per cent
Globe and Mail-- Wal-Mart Canada to add 6,500 jobs
National Post-- Grocery experiment working: Canadian Tire
National Post-- Total SA yanks plans to expand oil sands project
National Post-- Renewed sense of gloom over U.S. economy
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver restaurant sales boom during Olympics
New York Times-- A Tough Test Before Congress for Toyota’s Chief
New York Times-- At F.D.I.C. , Bracing for a Wave of Failures
New York Times-- Democrats Seek to Push Ahead $15 Billion Jobs Bill, With More Steps to Come
USA Today-- Snow hit businesses, governments hard
USA Today-- Toyota executive not sure problems are solved
Guardian UK online-- Mervyn King: Quantitative easing may have to restart
Guardian UK online-- Double-dip recession may not be far off
Guardian UK online-- Protesters blockade Athens stock exchange
Times online-- Sterling plunges as King warns on money scheme
Times online-- IMF: Europe faces 20 years of paying deficit
Telegraph UK online-- Maybe you shouldn't put your nest-egg in Anthony Bolton's China basket
Telegraph UK online-- Conservatives can't reverse Labour tax rises, David Cameron admits
Telegraph UK online-- World economy to be hit by several sovereign defaults, Ken Rogoff warns
Melbourne Herald Sun-- GPT stems property loss flow
Melbourne Herald Sun-- ANZ poised to drop ING link
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Armed robbers steal 2000 ounces of gold from Troy Resources in Brazil
People's Daily-- Taiwan raises economic growth rate forecast amid optimistic export prospect
People's Daily-- China expects 8% export growth in 2010: minister
China Daily-- Oil hungry China may fuel tanker demand
China Daily-- Kindergartens for the rich
Times of India-- Realty stocks take a beating despite revival of the sector

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