Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's the economy (Wednesday, February 17, 2010)

Cleaner energy from purging cows, Conservatives hint at cuts, and England's unemployment numbers detour recovery, some of the items for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- Energy hunt spurs Alberta land grab
Globe and Mail-- Clean, green and powered by cow patties
Globe and Mail-- Argentina, Britain feud over Falklands oil
National Post-- U.S. investment in Canada soaring
National Post-- Tories sharpen the budget knives
National Post-- Cap and fade
New York Times-- Spanish Premier Insists Economic Recovery Is Near
New York Times-- Obama and Republicans Clash Over Stimulus Bill, One Year Later
New York Times-- Toyota’s President Softens on Speaking to Congress
USA Today-- Will Toyota's woes undermine Japan's quality legacy?
USA Today-- Consumer protection agency targets job, work-at-home scams
Guardian UK online-- New rules could force Britain's tax exiles to pay up
Guardian UK online-- Bankers must have pay lessons drilled into their heads, says trade minister
Guardian UK online-- Jump in unemployment rate casts new doubt on strength of recovery
Times online-- Scottish unemployment hits 206,000
Times online-- The Greek crisis
Telegraph UK online-- Economic policies look impotent in calming the storm
Telegraph UK online-- Not much to cheer on US stimulus anniversary
Telegraph UK online-- Eight million people 'economically inactive'
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Brambles says it will do better
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Economy heads for boom - survey
Brisbane Times-- What's in a name? Permission to explore
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- First broadband link underway in Mt Isa
People's Daily-- Nearly 70% of China's exported machinery, electronic products done by foreign-funded firms
China Daily-- China trade deal offers much to ASEAN countries: ASEAN Chief
China Daily--
Japan surpasses China as largest holder of US Treasury securities
Times of India-- Ford to phase out Fusion, focus on Figo
Times of India--
Economy to grow by 7.5% this fiscal, over 8.5 in next: FM

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