Friday, February 26, 2010

The man most likely to find that his luggage has been lost on the way home from Vancouver

"Take off the outer veneer and the stench is horrific" --  One of the less inflammatory of thoughts from Pravda correspondent Timothy BANCROFT-HINCHEY currently sharing his observations of Vancouver with his Russian readers.

One gets the feeling that the games of the 21st Olympiad haven't been among one of Russia's favourite memories, beyond the fact that their hockey team was sent out of the tournament at the hands of Team Canada, it would appear that when it comes to sour grapes and boorish commentaries, the Russian media is trying to rival the Brits for the Gold medal of obnoxiousness.

In a rather unbalanced (in more ways than one) review of Russia's time spent in pursuit of Olympic excellence, Mr. Bancroft-Hinchey sent home his observations of the Canadian psyche, which he detailed as retentive and cowardly, the True North Strong and Free, really nothing but a skinny and weakly bro to a beefy United States.

On and on his ramblings went, trashing the Canada he invented with every paragraph, providing the kind of viewpoint made famous over the last two weeks from the British tabloid press, a collective we suspect never wandered much farther than the local gin bar.

Come to think of it, Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey sounds, like the kind of guy who, as we outlined previously, probably fits right into that sub culture of journalism, as does his paper it seems.

At one time the Official voice of the Russian government, the Truth as it translates into, has long since descended into the pit of the sensational tabloids best found at the checkout counters, or at the bottom of better bird cages and kitty litter trays everywhere.

Purchased from the government when Russia's economy was imploding in the nineties and on line as they say since January 27th, 1999, it now features such astounding reports as Apocalypse Predictions: Threat from the East and Fire from the Sky; Hillary Clinton's Invitation to Russia Sounds Like a Belch of Cold WarAliens Land in Russia and Give Obama a chance (bet he just loves that endorsement)

Though we did find the photo review headline of Canada's hockey game with the Russians instructive, The Red Machine runs into a Maple tree.

The pronouncements of Pravda have not gone un-noticed, nor have they gone without response. Thus far some 733 replies have been posted under the story, the majority of them apparently from Canadians, who have probably provided Pravda with more hits in a day than would normally be the case.

In most cases, the replies are far more entertaining and as it turns out better researched than the work of Mr. Bancroft-Hinchey, though in fairness he does seem to fit the new Pravda writing mantra of if there is no news, then invent it.

Should Pravda ever decide to let him go however, we think we can help them out with a pretty competent replacement.

We know of a small town mayor in British Columbia that can throw out the invective and bombast with the best of them, if Pravda drops us a line we're sure we can find them a phone number and a chance for them to hook up with him, you never know he may want to change careers one day .

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