Tuesday, February 09, 2010

False alarms, false flags and fanciful imaginations


As Vancouver prepares for its Olympic debut on Friday, the anticipation of the start of the latest Olympiad seems to be feeding the anxieties of some and the imaginations of others.

The Canadian military confirmed this weekend that on January 31st it scrambled to CF18 jets to investigate a possible incursion of Olympic air space near Vancouver, an operation that resulted in Vancouver airport being closed to take offs and landings for twenty minutes.

And while the Canadian military was up in the air checking out the suspicious, back down on earth, tethered to computers, there was chatter of many more potential alarms.

CKNW radio has a report on the buzzing along the crossing wires of the Internet, which has any number of would be CSIS operatives (or perhaps persons of interest to) offering up claims of what they call false flag attacks planned on Vancouver for the start of the games.

Indeed, type in "false flag operations in Vancouver" in a google search engine and enough dire scenarios come forward to keep a Tom Clancy printing press running 24/7.

Head over to YouTube and you get some audio visual aids that purport to back up the worst case scenarios of those who could find work on the staff of 24 compiling the latest of threats for Jack Bauer to deal with.

Judging by the report, they seem to make up a cross section of over zealous X File fan devotees and/or would be Glen Beck followers who seem to see conspiracy on every street corner and the decline of our civilization as being just around a corner.

If you have followed the advertising campaign on CTV/TSN et al the theme of these games for Canadians is "I Believe", somehow we think that a few of us have gotten their wires crossed on that theme.

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