Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cash conservation plans lead to layoffs for Naikun workers

In a bid to conserve cash flow Naikun Wind Energy has issued layoff notices to 25 per cent of its work force, a decision that the company says was required as they await word from BC Hydro as to whether the wind power project for the Queen Charlotte Straits will be offered a contract for service.

In a story in the Queen Charlotte Islands Observer, Naikun spokesperson Doug McClelland said that Naikun expects to be successful in their bid to provide power to BC Hydro, but at the moment with no revenue coming in, all company expenses represent losses. To reduce that impact it seems that the decision was reached to lay off a portion of their 17 member workforce.

While they await word from BC Hydro, Naikun also is hopeful to hear further details on the ongoing environmental assessment being conducted by the Haida Gwai government or of their plans for a vote on whether the Haida will become part owners of the wind farm.

The Haida have not provided further details on that planned vote by Island residents, which will serve to endorse or reject the potential joining of the two groups.

You can look over the full report from the Observer website.

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