Tuesday, February 02, 2010

It's the economy (February 2, 2010)

More American love for Canada's banking system, more to drink about but spending more prudently and those dirty bankers, some of the items of note for Tuesday.

Globe and Mail-- Why this budget will be Flaherty's toughest
Globe and Mail-- Ottawa wary of more U.S. protectionism
Globe and Mail-- Greece says its problems are euro zone issue
National Post-- Volcker lauds Canadian banks
National Post-- Ottawa boosts economic forecast
National Post-- Suncor misses big
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver real estate prices hit January peak while regional sales pace levels off
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. should leave film subsidies on the cutting-room floor
New York Times-- No Help in Sight, More Homeowners Walk Away
New York Times-- Dodd Calls Obama Plan Too Grand
New York Times-- Some News Outlets Ready to Try Charging Online Readers
USA Today-- Obama's budget: Grim jobless numbers
USA Today-- Senator seeks info on top tech firms doing business in China
USA Today-- Americans drinking more but favoring less expensive brands
Guardian UK online-- Greece's Papandreou makes TV appeal for unity over financial crisis
Guardian UK online-- Paul Volcker tells Senate: risky banking activity is like pornography
Guardian UK online-- BP profits fall by 45%
Times Online UK-- Under-employment is overworked
Times Online UK-- Bank set to halt the supply of ‘new money’
Telegraph UK online-- Greece rattled by 'hidden debt' controversy
Telegraph UK online-- OECD piles pressure on China to revalue its currency
Telegraph UK online-- Ignore today's fall, BP's yield is too impressive to ignore
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Another 'surprise' sprung on interest rates
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Surfacing firm Akron collapses
Brisbane Times-- How we got the RBA wrong
Brisbane Times-- Handicapped by 19th-century technology
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Reserve Bank's official interest rate kept on hold at 3.75pc
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- France Telecom chief steps down over suicides
People's Daily on line-- Economy gathers more steam
People's Daily on line-- Chinese Premier warns of challenges in economy, expresses confidence
China Daily-- Wen warns of challenges in economy
China Daily-- Beijing doubles parking fees to ease downtown traffic
Times of India-- India to grow at 8% by ’11-12: World Bank
Times of India-- We’ll beat China as fastest growing economy: Montek

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