Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Windstorm Archives for October 2010

The review of items that we've posted in the wake of the Thanksgiving weekend windstorm on the North coast, the permanent link can be found on our right hand bar, under Prince Rupert items of note. Original items from A Town Called Podunk will be marked in red, items from outside sources will be in blue.

October 13-- Big storms lash islands, another expected Wednesday evening 
October 13-- BC Hydro explains long wait for some customers
October 13-- Storm demonstrates need for a central communication mechanism in Prince Rupert
October 13-- Another day, another weather warning
October 12-- Prince Rupert community recovering from weekend wind storm
October 12--  Nortthwest Windstorm (TV 7 video report)
October 12-- Massive Weekend storm creates havoc across Northwest
October 12-- MLA appeals to gov't for disaster relief
October 12-- Power remains out in some places
October 12-- Nisga'a nation seeks power restoration without delay
October 12-- Mayor Mussallem tells CBC that the city will review civic response to windstorm
October 11-- Ready for another blustery day?
October 11-- And then the blue flame flickered out
October 11-- What we have here is a failure to communicate!
October 10-- Vicious windstorm wreaks damage around North Coast
October 9-- Thanksgiving Chefs will have  a watchful eye on the weather tonight

2 comments: said...

thanks for the comprehensive coverage and the links. Shaun Thomas' article in the Northern view on line is great, especially the pictures. Too bad it wasn't in this wednesday's paper.

. said...

Thanks for the compliment, we try our best.

The Northern View article certainly offered up some interesting items for discussion (see the subsequent post above on Thursday) though they did seem to miss the news cycle quite a bit on this one.