Sunday, October 24, 2010

Walk of the undead a growing event world wide

Ghouls, goblins and other assorted creatures of the night got a little daylight yesterday, as participants around the world marked the annual Zombie March event, a social occasion that seems to grow steadily each year.

Across Canada in cities large and small, the Halloween costumes got a sneak preview as marchers wandered around in a Zombie like style all designed to raise money for charities in their locations.

It's an annual walk that would seem to have had it's creative genetics gleaned from the old Michael Jackson video Thriller, with a little less professionalism in the dancing we imagine.

Originally no doubt a tad scary for residents who would cross paths with the Zombies as they made their rounds, a number of charities across the nation and beyond benefit with awareness and support from the participants that feel the need to unleash their inner zombie a week before All Hallows eve.

It's an event that seemingly hasn't quite caught the imagination of Rupertites  yet (though some might suggest that the nightly downtown bar crowd scene probably is a pretty true reproduction of the culture of the walk, all be it without the charity angle).

Locally the closest the Zombie walk would get to Rupert was in Terrace, where they held their second annual event, a well attended affair that helped to provide donations of food and cash for the Terrace Churches Food Bank. The Terrace walk started at the Terrace arena around 4 pm yesterday.

The Terrace campaign featured a rather catchy slogan this year on promotional posters around the city, which stated: "Zombies eat brains, but people eat food," And thanks to the efforts of the Terrace Zombies more of their residents will have a bit extra in the cupboard this fall.

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