Sunday, October 24, 2010

When the going gets tough, the tough get shuffled

With a recent public opinion poll putting his personal approval rating at 9 percent, Gordon Campbell it seems is preparing to move the crew around a bit in the quest for better returns.

Monday will bring a re-arranging of the deck chairs on the good ship Campbell, as the Premier prepares to announce a cabinet shuffle, which one imagines the government hopes will provide for some fresh ideas and a new start for a few of the  transferred,  those that are returning from whatever purgatory they were in or  the  new faces set to be Liberal cabinet members by tomorrow noon.

A press conference is planned for 11 am on Monday, at which time the Premier will expand on the details of what the Liberal press release calls , the realignment to the Liberal cabinet.

A  move which will at least provide him with something to work with when he makes his first public address since 2008 on Global TV this Wednesday evening.

That TV address has been described by some pundits as an address to seek a second chance or an opportunity to revive his career.

The recent polling results low as they were, have provided the grist for many an interesting review of the Premier's current troubles, with such writer's as the Tyee's Steve Burgess and the Georgia Straight's Charlie Smith making much hay from the Campbell field of poor returns.

What remains to be seen once the new names are trotted out and some of the old one's reassigned to new opportunities, is whether all of these new seating assignments are going to turn around a worrisome situation for the Liberals.

Or if instead, the moves are more akin to simply changing deck chair assignments on Mr. Campbell's personal  voyage of a political Titanic.

Some of the speculation on the scope of the anticipated changes to be announced Monday can be found below.

Kootenay Advertiser -- Campbell to unveil cabinet remake

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