Thursday, October 21, 2010

On the internet, a missed letter can be a very troublesome thing

A missed letter in a website redirection is making for much in the way of discussion and perhaps added a new and certainly an unexpected political base to the campaign of Meg Whitman for Governor of California.

The Pundit Kitchen website has discovered one of the best examples in recent times of why it's important to double check those links before you hit the send button.

An assistant to the would be Governor, was anxious to get the word out of the endorsement of the San Diego Sheriff's Association, a helpful bit of political support in the quest to win the November election.

The Sheriff's recommendation was supposed to look like this

However, one little missing consonant instead took Whitman's supporters into a whole new world, one which me imagine few probably new even existed

Over in the Whitman camp we imagine that a refresher course on Internet protocol is currently underway, all while the staffers no doubt handle more than a few calls from the Republican base wondering what was going on with the candidate.

Needless to say, thanks to the shout out from the Pundit Kitchen, the second video is getting much more exposure than even the creator probably imagined was possible.

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