Sunday, October 31, 2010

Police incident closes Highway 16 east of Terrace

Monday morning may bring more details on the mysterious closure of Highway 16 on Sunday evening.

The Drive BC website first identified the highway as closed  around 6:30 in the evening,  a closure that has resulted in no traffic being allowed in either direction from a point 16 kilometres east of Terrace,  to 50 kilometres further eastwards.

With an update at 10:30 in the evening, another road closure was subsequently announced from that 50 kilometre point, to the Junction of Highway 27 North at Kitwanga, the closures were described as in effect due to a police incident.

The Drive BC website detailed the closures as follows:

Highway 16 Both Directions 
 Closed in both directions 16 km east of Terrace to 50 km east of Terrace (34 km) because of Police Incident. Next update at 11:30 pm. Updated on Sun Oct 31 at 10:33 pm. (ID# 99838) Oct 31, 2010 10:33 PM 

 Highway 16 Both Directions 
 Closed in both directions from 50 kilometers east of Terrace to Junction with Highway 37 North, at Kitwanga (41 km) because of Police Incident. Next update at 11:30 pm. Updated on Sun Oct 31 at 10:32 pm. (ID# 99840) Oct 31, 2010 10:32 PM 

No details as to the nature of the Police incident have been released as of yet, the next highway closure update was last set to be announced at 11:30 pm, but has yet to be provided.


CFTK News posted an update to their website on Monday morning, advising that the RCMP has called the incident an urgent policing matter, but that the police had not disclosed the nature of the incident, CFTK is reporting that unconfirmed reports suggest that shots may have been fired.

Drive BC Update 7:41 am November 1
Highway 16 remains closed between Terrace and Kitwanga due to the ongoing Police Incident, A piloted detour route is available via Highway 27, the Nass Forest Service Road and Nisga'a Highway 113, full details on the schedule of traffic on the detour can be found on the Drive BC website here

Previous Update: 6:34 am November 1
According to the Drive BC website Highway 16 remains closed in both directions, further updates on the road closure can be obtained here.

Previous Update: 12:07 am November 1
The road closures remain in effect according to the Drive BC website, further updates can be obtained here.

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