Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A bit of turmoil in the Coast Mountain school District

A 22 year veteran of education gives one days notice and then leaves the post of Superintendent of Schools, followed out the door it appears by the School District's secretary treasurer.

A pair of announcements that left more than a few parents, educators and administrators reeling in the various communities of the Coast Mountain school district, as they try to come to terms with the departures of both Rob Greenwood and Linda Brown.

Developments which taking place so early in the new school year, seem to be sending the Coast Mountain District down the same kind of tumultuous path that took place right here in School District 52  back in 2009.

As happened in the Prince Rupert area two years ago, there are few details being made public about the changes taking place in the upper levels of administration, with much of the current departures kept off the radar under the practice of personnel confidentiality.

Still, the high profile departures have become a topic for discussion and not just in the Northwest  The Vancouver Sun's Janet Steffenhagen mentioned the developments in the paper's education blog, asking a number of the questions that no doubt many in the Coast district are asking in their home communities.

At the moment, the Coast Mountain District, like Prince Rupert is involved in the process of determining school closures and reconfiguration, with a number of sessions planned to determine the next move on that issue.

In September, the District made an announcement that it would be reducing the number of members on the District board, a decision which was not particularly well received in Kitimat, which along with Terrace was one of two communities selected for a reduction in the number of elected members to the nine member Board.

The Terrace Standard offered up two reviews of the latest developments at the School District with a look at Mr. Greenwood's surprise announcement of last week and of the announcement of Ms. Browns departure yesterday.

The reality of the need for cost cutting in the District was hinted at in a TV 7 news interview as one of the stresses for the School District at the moment.

Concerns which may force the Coast Mountain District to seek provincial assistance in filling the Superintendents position until they can formulate their next moves in the personnel department.

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