Friday, October 22, 2010

Podunk Below the Masthead, Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Prince Rupert medical clinic still has room for new patients on its lists, Prince Rupert celebrates 50 years of swimming with its Swim Club and an Alaskan congressman is seeking to block approval of genetically engineered salmon, some of the items of note from our news files for Thurssday.

The Northern View
Prince Rupert Primary Care Clinic still seeking patients-- Prince Rupert residents that have yet to locate a family doctor can find an opportunity to find one through the new Primary Care clinic (see article here)

CFTK TV 7 News
Prince Rupert Swim Team Celebrates 50 years -- Fifty years of competitive swimming will be honoured this weekend as the city's swim Club hosts its first invitational meet of the season (see article here)

Terrace Standard
Car theft probed -- A theft valued at around 8000 dollars from a Terrace Industrial area is the focus of a police investigation in that city (see article here)

Terrace Standard 
Firefighters face down RCMP-- Details of Friday night's charity hockey game between Terrace RCMP and the city's Fire Department (see article here)

KRBD Radio Ketchikan
Young bills target genetically engineered salmon -- An Alaskan congressman seeks to block American approval of genetically engineered salmon (listen to radio interview here)

KRBD Radio Ketchikan
Southeast power connections possible -- Scott McAdams, the Democratic candidate for the US Senate weighs in with his thoughts on exporting Alaskan electricity into the mainland power grid (listen to radio interview here)

CBC News Northern BC Daybreak North 
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